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The Kentucky Agricultural Leadership Program (KALP) and its predecessor, the Philip Morris Agricultural Leadership Program has been in existence since 1985. Philip Morris USA, along with participant fees and in-kind contributions from the University of Kentucky provided funding for the first seven agricultural leadership classes from 1985 to 2005, which included participants from Kentucky and surrounding burley tobacco producing states. The first KALP class (exclusively Kentucky participants) was funded by grants from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, the UK College of Agriculture, Philip Morris USA, alumni gifts and fees from participants. Class IX and futures classes are being funded from an endowment that originated with a $1 million investment from the Ag Development board and contributions from agricultural organizations, agribusiness, alumni and other individuals, and participant fees.

The program has graduated 267 participants covering ten different classes. A list of program alumni can be accessed at www.uky.edu/ag/kalp/about/alumni.pdf. Dr. Randall Barnett served as the director of the program from 1985 to 1995 (Classes I IV). Dr. Larry Jones directed Classes V-VIII from 1996 to 2009. The current co-directors, Dr. Will Snell and Dr. Steve Isaacs assisted Dr. Jones with Class VIII and now serve as co-directors of the program.

Current and former KALP directors: Will Snell, Steve Isaacs, Randall Barnett, and Larry Jones.

In the photo, current and former KALP directors: (left to right) Will Snell, Steve Isaacs, Randall Barnett (1985-1995), and Larry Jones (1996-2009).