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Participant Expenses

Participant will be asked to pay $2500 to help offset the program expenses. Payments will be assessed in two $1250 installments. The total cash cost of a participant is an estimated $15,000, with approximately $10,000 to $15,000 of additional in-kind support. The remaining participant costs are funded by program alumni, agribusinesses, farm organizations, and others supporting the program. Participants may pay the tuition fee personally or may solicit funding from local sponsors. Directors will assist any qualified candidate to find local sponsors or in some extreme cases the program my provide scholarship funds to any deserving participant. In addition to tuition expenses, participants will be responsible for in-state transportation costs to each seminar, hotel/traveling incidentals (telephone, room service, snacks, bar, TV movies, internet use, laundry, taxis, etc.) and a few meals when a group activity is not planned. Participants will also be responsible for obtaining a passport required for international travel. The program will cover all lodging, break, dining and other costs associated with each seminar and all transportation costs for each seminar trip.