Nomination/Application Process

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must be a U.S. citizen, a resident of Kentucky, and be involved in some phase of agriculture. At least 25 percent of the participants must be tobacco-dependent (received a Phase II or a tobacco buyout check) as required by the Kentucky Ag Development Board. There are no specific educational requirements.
Nomination Process
Candidates may be nominated by county extension agents, farm organizations, trade associations, alumni of previous leadership programs, other interested individuals, or be self-nominated. All nominations should be submitted through the Program Director's office. Nomination forms will be available online. Nominees will be informed of the application process. Applicants and their spouses (where applicable) will have a personal interview as part of the final selection process.
Application Process
All applicants must complete a packet which consists of the Program Application Form, a Spouse Supporting Application Form (if applicable), an Employer Supporting Application Form (if applicable), three individuals (non-family members) to complete the Recommendation Form, and sign a Participant Commitment Form.