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Current Class -- Class XI

Will Snell and Steve Isaacs, Co-directors of the Kentucky Agricultural Leadership Program are pleased to announce the selection of the twenty-two members of Class XI. The class is representative of Kentucky agriculture and agribusiness. Like Classes IX and X, it will include two Tennesseans thanks to the financial support of interests in that state.

Geographically, the class has eight Western, eight Central, and four Eastern Kentucky members.

Vocationally, Class XI has large grain and tobacco farmers, small livestock and vegetable farmers, ag lenders, ag sales reps, and participants from the poultry, equine, forestry, and distilled spirits industries.

Demographically, they range in age from mid-twenties to mid-forties, and are the second youngest KALP class ever at 31.5. KALP XI has a record number of female participants – ten.

Tentative Seminar XI Schedule

(subject to change)

Seminar Dates Topic Location
1 November 4-6, 2015 What it means to be a Leader Lexington
2 December 14-16, 2015 Understanding Self/Serving Communities Lexington
3 February 2-4, 2016 State Government Frankfort
4 March 15-17, 2016 Management, Leadership, Turbulence and Change Louisville
5 July 11-14, 2016 Agriculture, Forestry, and Energy in Eastern Kentucky Eastern KY
6 October 25-28, 2016 West Kentucky Agriculture/Media Training Western KY
7 December 12-14, 2016Ag Policy and Trade Owensboro
8 January 4-9, 2017 Domestic Learning Journey Southern California
9 March 13-17, 2017 Federal Policy/AgenciesWashington DC
Int'l Trip July 9-22, 2017 International Learning Journey Eastern Europe
10 September 6-8, 2017 Reflections/Central KY Agr/GraduationLexington

More information will be here as we get closer to starting the class. Please check back.