Divorced from ethics, leadership is reduced to management and politics to mere technique. -- James MacGregor Burns
Time is neutral and does not change things. With courage and initiative, leaders change things. -- Jesse Jackson

Timeline for Class X


Seminar Schedule

1October 22-24, 2012Developing a Leader/TeamworkLexington
2December 11-13, 2012Understanding Self/Serving CommunityLexington
3January 28-30, 2013Policy Process & Issues/Financial MarketsLouisville
4March 13-15, 2013Management, Leadership, Human
Resources, and Change
5 July 9-11, 2013Ag, Forestry, Energy, and Tourism in Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee Kentucky and Tennessee
6October 28-30, 2013Communication Training/West KY Agr.Murray/Hopkinsville
7 December 10-12, 2013Int'l Policy and TradeLexington
Int'l Trip January 4-17,2014Global Markets South Africa
8 February 10-12, 2014State Government/LobbyingFrankfort
9 March 17-21, 2014Federal Policy/Agencies Washington DC
Domestic tripJuly 2014Out of State Ag Leadership/ProductionTBD (TN/NC???)    
10September 24-26, 2014Reflections/Central KY Agr/GraduationLexington

(Italics in the above schedule indicate a change.)