About the KFBM Program

Since 1962, the Kentucky Farm Business Management Program (KFBM) has been serving the agricultural industry by assisting member farmers track financial performance, determine the profitability of individual enterprises, improve management practices, complete tax returns, set business and personal goals, and make sound management decisions.

The KFBM Program's design also helps improve farm management on non-member Kentucky farms by providing factual economic information about Kentucky farms for use in research, teaching, and extension.


The KFBM Program is a joint effort of the University of Kentucky Department of Agricultural Economics and five Area Farm Management Groups. Each of these five areas elects a board of directors from their membership. The local board of directors sets policy and direction for the group within the framework of the KFBM Program.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kentucky Farm Business Management Program (KFBM) is to provide a records-based information system to assist Kentucky farmers in best utilizing their resources to accomplish their goals and objectives. This mission is extended to KFBM clientele through direct consultation and to the general population through research, education and extension programs of the University of Kentucky.

Member Benefits

Members receive information and assistance with what many consider the most difficult part of farming -- management.

Some of these benefits include:


The University of Kentucky and member farmers share in the cost of the KFBM Program. The local board of directors determine membership dues and other fees according to their cost structure.

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