KFBM Newsletters

The KFBM Newsletters are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

State Newsletters

Volume/NumberDate PublishedEditor
Vol.19 No.1 July 31, 2015 Tarrah Hardin
Vol.18 No.2 October 22, 2014 Tarrah Hardin
Vol.18 No.1 June 19, 2014 Tarrah Dunaway
Vol.17 No.2 October 21, 2013 Amanda Jenkins
Vol.17 No.1June 12, 2013Amanda Jenkins
Vol.16 No.2October 29, 2012Amanda Jenkins
Vol.16 No.1June 18, 2012Amanda Jenkins
Vol.15 No.1November 10, 2011Jennifer Rogers
Vol.14 No.3December 20, 2010Jennifer Rogers
Vol.14 No.2September 14, 2010Jennifer Rogers
Vol.14 No.1June 16, 2010Jennifer Rogers
Vol.13 No.2November 12, 2009Jennifer Rogers
Vol.13 No.1August 7, 2009Jennifer Rogers
Vol.12 No.2December 12, 2008Jerry Pierce
Vol.12 No.1June 25, 2008Jody Welsh
Vol.11 No.2November 6, 2007Jody Welsh
Vol.11 No.1October 10, 2007Jennifer L. Rogers
Vol.10 No.3November 29, 2006David Heisterberg
Vol.10 No.2October 27, 2006David Heisterberg
Vol.10 No.1June 23, 2006David Heisterberg
Vol.9 No.3December 10, 2005Craig Gibson and Brian Lacefield
Vol.9 No.2October 3, 2005Craig Gibson and Brian Lacefield
Vol.9 No.1June 22, 2005David Heisterberg
Vol.8 No.3December 6, 2004Craig Gibson and Brian Lacefield
Vol.8 No.2August 31, 2004Colby Blair
Vol.8 No.1May 27, 2004Colby Blair
Vol.7 No.3December 9, 2003Suzy Martin
Vol.7 No.2August 28, 2003Suzy Martin
Vol.7 No.1June 4, 2003Suzy Martin
Vol.6 No.3October 31, 2002Suzy Martin
Vol.6 No.2August 28, 2002Suzy Martin
Vol.6 No.1June 18, 2002Suzy Martin
Vol.5 No.4November 2001Suzy Martin
Vol.5 No.3October 2001Suzy Martin
Vol.5 No.2July 2001Suzy Martin
Vol.5 No.1May 2001Suzy Martin
Vol.4 No.2October 2000Rick Costin
Vol.4 No.1July 2000Rick Costin
Vol.3 No.3December 1999Rick Costin
Vol.3 No.2September 1999Rick Costin
Vol.3 No.1July 1999Rick Costin
Vol.2 No.3November 1998Rick Costin
Vol.2 No.2September 1998Rick Costin
Vol.2 No.1June 1998Rick Costin
Vol.1 No.3November 1997Leigh Ann Penn
Vol.1 No.2September 1997Leigh Ann Penn
Vol.1 No.1August 1997Leigh Ann Penn

Bluegrass Association Newsletters

Volume/NumberDate PublishedEditor
Vol.4 No. 1June 2003Colby Blair
Vol.3 No. 1June 2002Colby Blair
Vol.2 No. 1October 2000Colby Blair
Vol.1 No. 2December 1999Colby Blair
Vol.1 No. 1October 1999Colby Blair

Pennyroyal Association Newsletters

Volume/NumberDate PublishedEditor
Volume 43, Issue 1August 2010Michael Forsythe, Evan Conrad, and Bart Peters
Acre ProgramAugust 1, 2009Evan Conrad, Bart Peters, and Cory G. Walters
Vol.36 No. 1September 2002David Heisterberg and Craig Gibson
Vol. 32 No. 1July 1999Bart Peters

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