KFBM Vision Statement
and Operational Guidelines

Nature And Justification of KFBM
The program is a cooperative effort between farmer members and the College of Agricultureís Agricultural Economics department. The College provides records and information service to cooperating farmers in order to have sound, real-world data upon which to build their extension, teaching and applied research programs. This education mission is the reason the program exists and is partially funded by the University. Members pay less than the actual market value for the records-based service they receive. This is a cost-share program, therefore members give up some of the autonomy and control over the program, its specialists and operational priorities, that otherwise would be theirs in a full-cost, private sector records consulting service.
Operational Guidelines
The following are guidelines to partially codify expected operations.
Usable Records
Cooperators must recognize that their records are used for University extension and research and as such must include all information required for a complete record. We suggest that within a year or two of guideline implementation records would need to be accurate & complete before income tax or financial reports are returned.
Timeliness of Publication
Specialists will submit one-half or more of whatever records they have certified by the end of February each year. Preliminary information will be distributed in early March. Final sorts will be completed by late March or early April. Those who are to most likely use the information ( members, lenders and CES personnel) will receive KFBM information by electronic means as soon as practical. Hard copy publications will be generated as time permits.
Plan of Work
The specialists will prepare an annual Plan of Work which will be used in their merit evaluations, but more importantly, will be used as input to a state-level Program Plan of Work, which will be consistent with the College of Agricultureís Mission statement.
Education and Service
KFBM Specialists have a dual role. They serve paying members and provide Extension programming to the general public. Our goal is to maintain 25% of KFBM specialistís time in the general Extension category.
Promoting the Program
The Program Coordinator will facilitate an efficient KFBM presence, including Specialists, faculty and administrators at various College as well as public and private sector activities including workshops, program planning sessions, faculty meetings, District Extension Meetings, agent trainings etc.
Cooperator Lists
Membership lists will be shared annually with each county in every association.
Financial Responsibility
Each Association, under the leadership of their specialist(s) is responsible for being financially viable. As a first priority, this means having sufficient association funds to pay the quarterly assessment to the Agricultural Economics Department. Secondly, each association is responsible for maintaining financial viability with respect to the remainder of the groups operating expenses.

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