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Owen County

"Embracing the Vision, Enhancing the Future"


May 2007

Undergraduate Students
Zoe Allen, Nick Berger, Blake Cooke, Jared Cunningham, Stephen Eich, Aaron Emerson, Chris Hall, Katie Hardcastle, Joey Hood, Ian Hunley, David Kulsveen, Andrea McMillin, Matt Mitchell, Matt Moore, Ben Rankin, Trey Rudolph, Todd Strawn

Project Statement
At the invitation of the Owen County Leadership Classes of 2004/2006, the University of Kentucky Landscape Architecture 5th Year Advanced Studio was asked to expand upon the Owen County 20/20 Vision Project. The 20/20 project was developed and issued by the 2004/2006 Leadership Class Alumni and focused on a series of questions and study groups that examined the wants and needs of the stakeholders of Owen County. On January 31, 2007, the Leadership Class traveled to the University of Kentucky Landscape Architecture Studio (UKLA) to give an opening presentation about Owen County. The presentation highlighted many of the findings of the 20/20 Vision Project and provided a perspective of the personal values of many of the stakeholders of the county. The information provided became the bridge between the 20/20 Vision Project and the focus of this report. From this point the students of the Department of Landscape Architecture spent three and a half months creating a comprehensive land use vision and conceptual development ideas for Owen County.

Project Narrative
The primary purpose of this project was to illustrate the planning and design process and the role the community should play in the development of ideas and implementation strategies for comprehensive land use planning. The process began with The 20/20 Vision Project provided by the Leadership Classes. It is important to note this was the starting point for the students. The process incorporated several opportunities for the community to provide feedback and input as well as give the students an opportunity to explore stakeholder values.

Utilizing The 20/20 Vision Project, this study began by identify participants' perceptions of the community's needs. This in turn allowed the students to collect inventory data on those topics to begin an analysis phase. The preliminary information gathered in this stage was then presented at Meeting 1, and the first public feedback event was held. The feedback session helped develop a scope for the types of projects to propose for the second public meeting.

At Meeting 2, the students presented a variety of projects to an audience of Owen County stakeholders. In each of these projects, 8-10 design options were illustrated. Again, this presentation allowed for public feedback on the projects and this further helped refine the scope of work. In the time between the second and third public meetings, the students utilized the feedback from the second meeting to mold and refine final designs and proposals for the county, and at Meeting 3, the students presented their refined design ideas and recommendations, as well as implementation strategies.

This final stage marked the end of the students' active involvement in the planning process. It is imperative to remember that the ideas discussed and illustrated were generated through many conversations and open community involvement sessions with the county. In essence, the work shown in this report is the collaborative work of students, the Owen County Leadership Committee, and the stakeholders of Owen County. While the ideas presented and discussed are meant to be used as a framework for Owen County, it is important to remember these ideas should be viewed as works in progress. It is the task of the stakeholders and leaders of Owen County to use these ideas in further review, discussion, refinement, or complete reinvention by appropriate elected and/or appointed officials, agencies/consultants, and other interested stakeholders to build upon them for future success.


• Full Report • Introduction • Inventory and Analysis
• Landscape Vision • Development Opportunities • Tourism, Recreation, & Arts
• Natural Resources Utilization • Conclusion

Presentation Boards
• An Unplanned Future • County Wide Landscape Vision 1 • County Wide Landscape Vision 2
• County Wide Landscape Vision 3 • Sparta Gateway • Residential Subdivision Guidelines
• Owen County Education Campus • Small Community Design • Signage & Murals
• Owen County Artisan Collective • Kentucky River National Park • Outdoor Adventure Park
• Gratz River Access • Owen County Park and Fairgrounds • Conservation Planning
• Agricultural Alternatives

PowerPoint Presentations
• Presentation 1 • Presentation 2 • Presentation 3




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