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2001 Kentucky Commercial Vegetable Production Budget Updates

UK Department of Agricultural Economics
Matthew Ernst, Extension Associate
Tim Woods, Assistant Professor

These are cautious estimates developed during the spring of 2002 in the UK Ag Economics Department as part of the New Crop Opportunities Center. The probabilities assigned are similar to those used in University of Georgia budgets; however, limited production and economic data for many crops in KY make the unpredictability of these crops extremely high.

It should be noted that the budgets used assign a $159.94 fixed cost to the trickle irrigation system. However, a new producer will obviously have to incur the entire cost of this system per year. UK Horticulture estimates this initial cost at a minimum of $1,244.

Prices are extremely variable across crops and harvest time. These budgets reflect a deduction of 10 percent of gross income toward marketing.

Enough cannot be said of environmental and temperate effects toward vegetable yields and returns. These "bottom line" suggestions should only be a part of any production decision made.

In general, higher returning vegetables also reflect higher labor requirements. As a rule of thumb, the probability of a pessimistic return is probably around 10 percent, while an optimistic might be 5 percent.

Pessimistic: Reflect up to a 30 percent decrease in price (depending on crop and seasonal schedules), up to a 20 percent decrease in production, and up to a 20 percent increase in total variable costs.

Optimistic: Reflect up to a 10 percent production increase combined with up to a 20 percent price increase and up to a 10 percent decrease in costs.

For a budget summary of the 12 crops listed below, click here.

This budget packet includes fresh market budgets for the following commodities:

Bell Peppers
Green Cabbage
Jalapeno Peppers
Staked Tomatoes
Sweet Corn
Watermelon (seeded)
Watermelon (seedless)
Yellow Crookneck Squash

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