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Edamame Soybean Marketing Project: Planting

Promotion and Education

Picture of Traditional Japanese Edamame Soybeans (Yellower) vs.  ISTNL 2025 (greener)

Sara McNulty and Sally Ellis planted two varieties of soybeans developed at Iowa State, ISTNL 2025 and ISTNL 2027. Beans were started in a greenhouse. They planted ISTNL 2025 in Ellis' greenhouse on Feb. 20, 2001. ISTNL 2027 was greenhouse seeded on Mar. 13, 2001.

The soybeans were transplanted into the one-acre test plot on May 4, 2001. A two-row tobacco transplanter was used. The ISTNL 2025 plants were larger with stalks more "willowy" than the ISTNL 2027. This caused transplanting for ISTNL 2025 to go more slowly than ISTNL 2027. About 15 of the 2027 plants were lost due to breakage, and the tractor driver said they may have transplanted better if a different cell size on the flats was used.

Picture of Transplanting ISTNL 
2025 from a two-row tobacco transplanter

The ground the beans are planted on is rather sandy and was very dry before planting. The field was irrigated for two days prior to planting. The soybeans were planted in 40" rows with 22" between plants. Two rows were sown on May 4 with ISTNL 2027 seed planted in 30" rows with 4 3/8" inches between seeds. The plot was irrigated again on Monday, May 7.

Picture of mcnulty's notes about the planting.

One week after planting, holes were observed in some of the leaves of the transplants. The plot was sprayed for cucumber beetles on May 13. Dry conditions continued and the plot was irrigated again on May 15. A half inch of rain was received on May 19, and more than 1.5" of rain was received during the week of May 24, 2001.

Picture of soybeans (istnl 2027) being planted from seed.

Midseason edamame with beans.

Woman weeding beans.

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