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Vegetable Crops Research

Optimizing romaine lettuce production in Kentucky
(PI: Mark Williams)

Developing an optimized organic production system to control cucumber beetles in cucurbits (PI: Mark Williams)

Increasing irrigation water use efficiency in vegetables and small fruits using automated pulsed or microdrip irrigation systems
(PI: Tim Coolong)

Evaluation of natural sprays for control of economically important foliar and fruit diseases of tomato and cucurbits (PI: Paul Vincelli)

Developing an optimized production system for fresh market sweet onion production in Kentucky (PI: Tim Coolong)

Developing optimized organic production systems for leafy greens in Kentucky (PI: Mark Williams)

Development of organic production systems for horticultural crops in Kentucky (PI: Mark Williams)

Developing an optimized organic production system to control cucumber beetles in cucurbitsn (PI: Mark Williams)

Edamame (green vegetable soybean) production systems for extended harvest (PI: Todd Pfeiffer)

Mechanical harvesting of edamame (PI: Tim Stombaugh)

Whole farm analysis of edamame production in Kentucky
(PI: Carl Dillon)

Optimizing variety selection and planting patterns for mechanically harvested edamame production in Kentucky (PI: Todd Pfeiffer)

Breeding soybean for edamame and organic black soybean production (PI: Todd Pfeiffer)

Edamame production systems: Improving spring transplant production (PI: Todd Pfeiffer)

Optimizing market quality of edamame (PI: Doug Archbold)

Bacterial spot resistance, yields and quality in bell and specialty peppers (PI: Brent Rowell)

Disease resistance, yield and quality in priority vegetable crops for Kentucky (PI: Brent Rowell)

Evaluation of high tunnels for winter production of specialty greens in Kentucky (PI: Bob Houtz)

Evaluation of the potential of Capsicum baccatum for production of high-value gourmet products and novel ornamental landscape plants (PI: John Snyder)

Vegetable research results

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