Kentucky Office of the State Entomologist
Kentucky Office of the State Entomologist


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Subba R. Palli, Ph.D.

State Entomologist

Contact Information

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Phone: 859-257-5838;
You can press the extension number of the person below at any time during the call. Or press 5 to leave a message.
FAX: 859-257-3807

Carl Harper

Sr. Nursery Inspector

Phytosanitary Certification (Exports - International and Interstate); Gypsy Moth Surveys; General Inquiries
859-257-5838 x1

Joe Collins

Sr. Nursery Inspector

Nursery/Nursery Dealer Licensing; Emerald Ash Borer and Walnut Twig Beetle (Thousand Cankers) Surveys; General Inquiries
859-257-5838 x2

Janet Lensing, Ph.D.

Nursery Inspector & State Survey Coordinator

Surveys; Inspections
859-257-5838 x4

J.D. Loan

Pest Survey Coordinator

Survey Data Management; Quality Control
No extension or direct number at this time

Jennie Condra

Nursery Inspector

Nursery Inspections; Surveys
859-257-5838 x3