Kentucky Office of the State Entomologist
Kentucky Office of the State Entomologist

Application Forms

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Below is a short description of the on-line application forms that are currently available from our office. Some application forms are available to be submitted on-line (HTML) and others are in PDF or MS Word format.


Certificate Application

If you ship any plant or plant products internationally or domestically you may need to apply for a Phytosanitary Certificate Application | Click For More Information |.

USDA ePermits


If you do things that require importation, transit, domestic movement and environmental release of Organisms that impact plants, and the importation and transit of Plants and Plant Products under authority of the Plant Protection and Honeybee Acts, you may need to apply for a permit | Click For More Information |

Nursery and

Nursery Dealer Application

If you sell any living plants that can survive in Kentucky over the winter you need to apply for a: | Nursery or Nursery Dealer license. |

Domestic Plant

Inspection Application

If you are moving out of Kentucky to another state and want to take your favorite house plants with you, you may need a | Domestic Plant Inspection Certificate |