Kentucky Office of the State Entomologist
Kentucky Office of the State Entomologist

Do I Need a Nursery or Nursery Dealer License?

Please read carefully, even if the business is not a “nursery”, a license may still be needed.

Remember, when in doubt, it's best to ask!

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Am I involved in any of the following areas listed? Do I need a license? Yes or No
Annuals/bedding plants only No
Cut flowers No
Daylilies Yes
Flea market sales Yes
Garden center Yes
Houseplants only No
Landscape/landscape contractor, even if no plants are kept on premises Yes
Lawn maintenance (hedge trimming, mowing, etc, no planting of material) No
Mulch providers No
Perennials only Yes
Production nursery Yes
Roses only Yes
Sod producers Yes
Vegetable production only No