Kentucky Office of the State Entomologist
Kentucky Office of the State Entomologist

Phytosanitary Certificate Application Process

Do I Need A Phytosanitary Certificate?:
If you ship any plant or plant products out of Kentucky, internationally or domestically, you may need a phytosanitary (phyto) certificate.

For domestic shipments (the 50 states and its territories):
Go to the National Plant Board and click Laws & Regulations.

For international shipments:
Contact your Federal or State Plant Regulatory Office for your state.
Shipping Plant or Plant Products:
ALL phytosanitary certificate applications (state and federal) must be processed through the Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance and Tracking (PCIT) System.
What is PCIT:
The web-based Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance and Tracking (PCIT) system allows you to create and submit applications for certificates to export commodities. You may also view the progress of your applications, print copies of your applications and final certificates, and create templates to simplify the application creation process.
How Do I Use PCIT?:
You must first have only a Level-1 eAuthentication account. | Click here to learn more and start the (free) registration process. |. The link is to a PDF file.
Feel free to print it out so that you have it available to refer to when going through the registration process.

More help is available in the menu bar to the right under "PCIT SUPPORT"
Where Do I Submit My Applications on PCIT?:
Once registered you can send the applications to the KY: Lexington (State) Duty Station.
Where Do I Submit My Applications on PCIT if I am NOT shipping from Kentucky?:
You should contact your Federal or State Plant Regulatory Office for your state. They should be able to direct you to the correct person in your state to process your application(s).

There is a charge for issuing a Phytosanitary Certificate, please call or write Carl Harper for the issuing fee.

Also, allow up to 7 - 10 days for processing. This includes:
*Completion of the other applications submitted prior to your submission; and
*Review of commodity/commodities being exported (speed of review is dependent upon the number of commodities listed for export); and
*Review of regulations in PExD, any import permits from the ministry of agriculture of the country exporting to, and any other eligible documentation required to certify the commodity/commodities; and
*Inspection of eligible commodities to be exported; and
*Any other item(s) required to certify the commodities listed for export; and
*Processing the application.

Email or call Carl Harper for actual processing times (which is typically a much quicker turn around time).