Insect Control On Poultry Tom Hen


By Lee Townsend, Extension Entomologist

Lice and Northern Fowl Mites (Bird Treatments)
Insecticide Application Rate Comments and Days to Slaughter
Co-Ral 25% WP 6 oz or 3 oz per 5 gal water, use high rate for lice, low rate for mites 0
Do not treat within 10 days of vaccination or stress
Ectiban 5.7% EC

Permectrin II 10% EC


1 qt/25 gal water

1 qt/50 gal water

Use 1 gal/100 birds

Retreatment may be needed in 4-12 weeks. 0 days
Rabon 50% WP (stirofos)

Rabon 3% D

6-1/2 oz/5 gal water Use 1 gal/100 birds

1 lb/300 birds

Do not treat more than once every 14 days. 0 days
Ravap EC 5 oz per 2 gal water Use 1 fl oz per bird Do not treat again within 14 days
Sevin 80% SP 4 oz/ 5 gal water
Use 1 gal/100 birds
Thorough coverage and feather penetration is essential. 7 days
Sevin 5% D 1 lb/100 birds. Do not treat more than once every 4 weeks. 7 days
Note: Sprays should be applied at high pressure (100-125 PSI) to provide good coverage and penetration of feathers. Treat vent area thoroughly.

Depluming mite Dip birds in a sulfur-soap mixture (2 oz. sulfur and 1 oz soap per gallon of water). Wet feathers thoroughly to the skin. Dip only on warm nights.

Scaly-leg mite dip shanks in undiluted crude petroleum oil.

Fleas Insecticides listed in the following table may produce some flea control.

Lice, Chicken Mites and Northern Fowl Mites (Poultry House and Litter Treatments)
Insecticide Amount Days to Slaughter Comments
Rabon 50% WP (stirofos) 6-1/2 oz/5 gal water
1-2 gal/1000 sq ft OR
Dust 2-1/2 oz/100 sq ft
Do not treat more than every 14 days. Treat litter thoroughly.
Sevin 80% SP

Sevin 5% D

6.5/lbs/ 100 gal water

1 lb/40 sq ft*

Use 1-2 gals of spray per 1,000 sq. ft.
* Do not apply dust to eggs or nests. Do not treat more than once every 4 weeks.
Note: Poultry house and litter treatments should be applied thoroughly to litter, walls, floors, roosts, and similar areas where pests hide. Force sprays into all cracks and crevices.

Insecticide Amount Preslaughter Interval (days) Precautions & Remarks
Sevin 80% SP 5 lb/100 gal
Use 1 to 2 gal per 1,000 sq ft.
Apply thoroughly to walls, litter and roost surfaces, especially cracks and crevices.
Permethrin     See label.
Countdown 20 WP 2 scoops /1,000 sq ft   Apply to walls

Lesser mealworms (litter beetles) are stored grain pests that can cause structural damage, become an annoying nuisance, and may serve as a reservoir of diseases. Remove birds prior to treatment with Countdown, Tempo or Grenade. Wall sprays can reduce numbers of adults. Sevin or Rabon can be used as litter treatments. Frequent and thorough litter clean out will keep beetle numbers down. 10% Beetle Bait (carbaryl) can be spread over the litter as a supplement to residual sprays.