Portable CO2 Spray System
(uses 2 liter bottle)

This is a pressurized system and all safety precautions should be taken.
While not cheap, this outfit can give many years of service and is a more
portable system than those some specialist use. (Total Price $300-400)


Portable Compressed CO2 Regulator

Item #: 166441       Model: J-6901-100

 available at Lowes for $89.97

Tanks can be returned & swapped for a new one at a change.  The tank is a paintball type container and can be refilled at all paintball refill stations.  (Scott-Gross does not currently refill these in Lexington, but do in Louisville) 


All items below are available from R& D Sprayers http://www.co2sprayers.com/

2. The spray header fits a 2 liter plastic bottle and should be equipped with a  pop-off safety,  I prefer the 60 PSI
below for extra safety.  It can be substituted on the header pictured at the right. (See plastic bottle safety info at the bottom)  Other sizes are available including 20 oz & 3 liter.  $111.06

3. Spray hose to connect between the header and the
Spray wand. $25.30

4a Spray booms come in a wide assortment from this
single wand to multiple nozzles. $84.15

4b 2 nozzle boom (can be used as a single). $118.73

4c 3 nozzle boom (can be used as a single). $142.75

(601D4 $153.86)

4d 4 nozzle boom (can be used as a single or double).
4e Solo 29in. Stainless Steel Wand
Northern Tool Item# 2799 
Gempler's Item# 133674   $24.90
(will need a hose and connector)

4f Economy wand:   Item# 254221*
Unbreakable Solo brand 28in. wand is fitted to commercial-grade shutoff valve. Stainless steel filter screen, plastic adjustable and flat fan nozzle. 3/8in. hose barb adapts to virtually all competitive sprayers.  $19.99 (will need a hose and connector)

5 Regular soda bottles may be used but all original labeling
should be removed and the bottle clearly marked to
avoid other uses.  Please see note at the right if regular
soda containers are to be used.  Please note average bursting pressures at the bottom of the next column.  This is why I prefer 60 PSI pop-off.

This is the complete system assembled.  The curled blue air hose comes with the regulator & tank,
but its use is optional.  The 2 liter bottle & header can be connected directly to the regulator and
carried by the connector.  Although the assembly is light, this might not be advised due to potential
damage to the connection.  This system has the single nozzle boom with an angled adapter for ease
 of spraying. The nozzle is a TX-12 hollow cone nozzle with a quick connect nozzle body for ease of
changing nozzles.

*note designated items are available from Northern Tool & Equipment or many farm supply stores.