Delayed Curing Spot

Occasionally conditions favor a curing problem that is characterized by a part of a tobacco leaf that remains yellow 
and fleshy as if that part of the tobacco had been curing for only a short time when in fact the tobacco has been 
in the barn for 6 to 8 weeks or more.  When this part of the leaf eventually does cure it will have a totally different 
color from the rest of the leaf.  This curing problem has always been common in the variety TN 86 and some 
varieties with TN 86 in their lineage, but this year and last it was common in many varieties.  TN 86 has always 
been considered a slow variety, germinating slow, growing slow in the early part of the season and curing slow.  
However, this particular problem may not really be a component of curing speed, but more likely how the 
plant responds to fertilization and how much water is retained at harvest. 


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