Cool, Cloudy Weather Stress

Plants across the State showed the stress from cold, cloudy weather in 2003 comparable to the picture taken in 2001 below.  Symptoms from bud stress show a yellowed constricted area on leaves that were developing during unfavorable weather.  Tobacco is native to subtropical areas that have warmer climates.  Cold weather stress is more commonly seen in beds where buds are damaged by cool periods following warm weather or artificial conditions that exist in greenhouses.  However, we are less familiar to these conditions occurring after transplanting.  This is bud damage and disruption of the normal hormonal control of leaf growth and development.  Plants should recover with minor to moderate side effect like ground sucker development and premature blooming.           

Upper left picture courtesy of David Herbst, Adair Co., upper right was taken in Taylor County and
bottom picture courtesy of Chip Willingham with FMC.

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