Plant Analysis Program
                                                Bill Thom and Greg Schwab
                                                Extension Soils Specialists

There is interest in having a program for analyzing the nutrient concentration of plant tissue
particularly horticultural crops either for evaluating plant nutrition or for diagnostic purposes.
Since 1983, we have used the
Univ. of Georgia for providing this service. Waters Agricultural
Laboratory (WAL),
Owensboro , KY has offered to analyze tissue samples for your producers.

 Following is an outline of the WAL program available to each of you.

 1.   Samples will be analyzed for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium,
sulfur, boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc. The 2003 cost of analyzing each
sample is $12.00. Either send the fee with the sample or WAL will send an invoice.


2.   The cost of shipping is to be paid by the sender (producer or agent), which is $5.75 if using the UPS labels, unless a client is sending 10 or more samples at one time in which WAL, will pay the shipping.

3.   Each Extension office wanting any sample bags or envelopes, information forms, shipping boxes and UPS labels for shipping will need to contact Waters Agricultural Laboratory in Owensboro , KY at (270) 685-4039 and talk to either Rhonda Werner or Stacy Lloyd.


4.   When using a plant tissue analysis program for evaluating either soil fertility or for diagnostic purposes, it is important that a soil sample be taken at the same time. A plant analysis program is not a substitute for soil testing but should be used in conjunction with a soil testing program. If the producer takes a soil sample, it should be sent to the UK Soil Testing Lab.


5.   The tissue is to be collected, air dried and placed in a clean, brown paper bag (do not use plastic of any kind) clearly marked with the sample designation and producer's name. The information form is to be completed and placed in the box or envelope with the sample and sent to WAL. If you do not have sampling instructions contact Greg Schwab or Bill Thom and they will fax a copy of instructions used by Georgia .


6.   If you intend to have several tissue samples, the Waters Agricultural Laboratory will send a CD that will install a software program called Lab Talk on your computer. This software uses the internet to retrieve the electronically transmitted lab results and will print out a form with the results and any recommendations proposed by WAL. These recommendations are from WAL and not from the Univ. of Kentucky . If you have only a few samples, you may not want to install Lab Talk at this time.


  1. Greg Schwab or Bill Thom will be receiving a copy of the results of all plant tissue sent to Waters Agricultural Laboratory. We intend to review results of each and contact the respective agents if we see a potential problem or have questions. If you have a question about any results or recommendations that appear on the WAL form, contact either Greg or Bill.

8.  If you have questions, contact Bill Thom at (859) 257-4633 or Greg Schwab at (859) 257-9780. We both have e-mail, and voice mail to handle messages if we are not in the office.