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Graduate research assistant wanted to work on strategies for breeding wheat in the face of climate change.  Opportunities to quantify and select for variation in nitrogen use efficiency and other traits that represent potential adaptive responses to climate change.  Upon completing their degree in the UK wheat breeding program students will have had hands on experience in every facet of the program including choosing parents for crosses, conducting marker assisted selection for disease resistance, phenotypic selection of populations, lines and individuals, laying out a breeding nursery, designing experiments, talking to farmers at field days and analyzing breeding line data.  Students will attend national and regional meetings to present their data and interact with counterparts at other institutions.  Must enjoy being outdoors, working hard and being part of a team.  Interested students should contact Dr. Dave Van Sanford.

Dave Van Sanford

327 Plant Sciences Building
Dept. of Plant & Soil Sciences
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546-0312
859-257-5020 ext. 80770

Courses:  PLS 664

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