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It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference. -- Tom Brokaw

For Leaders

Photo of community leader talking with a group of girls.

Adult leaders are crucial to the success of this program. They work in various capacities from serving on the local planning committees. They teach lessons based on material provided by the program. Their businesses provide opportunities for tours and also provide financial support for refreshment breaks, meals and other costs incurred in implementing the local program. Categories of local leaders include business owners, teachers, banks, college professors, members of Chambers of Commerce, political leaders and other representative groups. On average there are over 1500 leaders who serve in different capacities on an annual basis.

A special thanks goes to community and business leaders who offer their time to support the youth participants in the American Private Enterprise System program.

Discussion leaders are business and professional leaders of the community who have volunteered to share their knowledge and viewpoints with the students as they lead them in discussing the topics of the program.