Pasture Based Beef Finishing

Decision Aids

Photo of 2 cows in a field.

Pasture Based Beef Finishing - Decision Aids

Often when making a decision, we are faced with either too much information, not enough information, or the wrong kind of information. The decision aids here may not answer every question you have, but, hopefully, they will help you to see your questions in a different way and to provide the right kind of information for you to make an informed decision. Many of the decision aids will be written in Microsoft Excel and need macros enabled.

Finishing Worksheet
Greg Halich (January 2011) (Microsoft Excel)
This spreadsheet helps the user to plan systems for finishing beef cattle.  The user inputs calving/weaning dates, weaning weight, gains during the year, and desired finish weight.  The spreadsheet determines how long it will take to finish the animal and calculates average gain and finishing age.
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