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Journal of Crop Variety Testing

The Journal of Crop Variety Testing is a peer-reviewed , open access journal which publishes research articles and related papers in the field of crop variety testing and agronomic performance evaluation.

All manuscripts submitted are evaluated for scientific validity, originality and significance of the research and the extent to which it contributes to existing knowledge in the area of variety testing. Peer review process is used to impose stringent standards to publish quality research findings.

Peer Review Process: All manuscripts submitted will be checked by editor to ensure that it is suitable for publication and that all required content has been received. Suitable manuscripts will then be assigned to two reviewers based on specialty/research field of study. Following the manuscript review, the editor will decide whether to accept, reject, accept with minor revision or accept with major revision based upon comments/recommendations from reviewers. In the event of contrasting reviews, additional peer reviews will be sought out. Peer review process is double blind - neither the authors nor the reviewers identity will be identified during the review process.

The publisher views each review critically and any unaddressed recommendations by reviewers/ editor may result in manuscripts being rejected or placed on hold. Peer review process is used to bring out the best of the research conducted. If the editors feel that a review is inadequate further review will be sought to insure high standards and quality.

Volume 1 (2017)

Volume 2 (2019)

Volume 3 (2020)

Volume 4 (2021)

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