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Evaluation of Wheat Varieties for Differences in Straw Yield Potential

Bill Bruening University of Kentucky

Preliminary research by the University of Kentucky Small Grain Variety Testing Program has shown substantial differences in post-grain harvest straw yields among wheat varieties.

Straw is a valuable commodity for Kentucky's equine industry. Wheat straw producers maximize wheat production profitability by marketing both grain and straw. For these growers, selecting a variety with both high grain and straw yield potential is important. Wheat straw as a byproduct of grain production also has potential for cellulosic biofuel production.

Straw yield is also important for wheat growers interested in grain production exclusively. For these growers, minimizing post-harvest field residue is important. These producers would benefit from selecting a variety which has high grain and low straw yield potential.

Video: Wheat grain & straw plot havest using grain and forage research combines.