WWW.uky.edu service is moving

If you are currently a web information provider on www.uky.edu please read the following...

We will be moving the web service from it's current home, service2.uky.edu, to a new machine designed to provide web services only. For the majority of you no changes will be needed. However to those who are using compiled cgi-scripts, or or running any other compiled programs, or HP provided tools, you will need to re-compile your programs on the new machine...

Our current machine is an HP 9000/800 series G30 machine running HP/UX 9.04. We provide web services via the CERN web server. The machine is known as service2.uky.edu and is aliased as www.uky.edu.

The new machine is an IBM PC 704 Server running FreeBSD 2.1.6R. Web services will be provided via Apache 1.2. It will be known primarily as www.uky.edu.

We will make every effor to provide all the services availible on service2, as well as additional services.

Soon the new machine will be availible for use by those who need time to 'port' any code they have written to the new operating system. Anyone running into trouble re-compiling can contact me via Email -- but I make no guarentees. A definate time for the switchoever has not been set, but it should be around the first of the year. If this presents a hardship for anyone, please contact me.