Guglielmi painting

O. LOUIS GUGLIELMI American, born Egypt, 1906-1956
Odd Fellows Hall, 1934
Oil on canvas, 24 x 30"
Allocation from the United States Government (Federal Art Project)
Shahn_gouache BEN SHAHN American, 1898-1969
Gouache on composition board
31 x 42"
Loan from the United States Government (Farm Securities Administration)
As the longtime repository for artwork created under the aegis of the Works Progress Administration/Federal Art Project, the Art Museum at the University of Kentucky preserves over 160 important works on paper and paintings by a diverse range of mid-century artists, including Ben Shahn, Mitchell Siporin, O. Louis Guglielmi, Ernest Fiene, Nan Lurie, Paul Weller, and many others. The Art Museum has supplemented collection holdings with other works by artists of the American Scene, such as Grant Wood, and acclaimed technical innovators, such as Ralston Crawford, Claire Leighton, and Lexington residents Edward Fisk and Victor Hammer.
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