THE ART MUSEUM at the University of Kentucky  
405 Rose Street  Lexington, KY 40506-0241  
Phone: 859.257.5716   FAX: 859.323.1994  


Stuart horodner MUSEUM DIRECTOR: Stuart Horodner, 859.257.1152
photo Amy Nelson Young
DIRECTOR OF GRANTS & COMMUNITY ASSETS: Amy Nelson Young, 859.257.6218
photo of Janie Welker CURATOR OF COLLECTIONS & EXHIBITIONS: Janie Welker, 859.257.4844
photo Deborah Borrowdale-Cox DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION: Deborah Borrowdale-Cox, 859.257.6199
photo Barbara Lovejoy REGISTRAR: Barbara Lovejoy, 859.257.2808
photo Dorothy Freeman PUBLICATIONS & PUBLIC RELATIONS: Dorothy Freeman, 859.257.5717
photo Lyndi Van Deursen MARKETING & MEMBERSHIP/VISITOR SERVICES MANAGER: Lyndi Van Deursen, 859.257.8164
photo Alan Rideout PREPARATOR: Alan Rideout, 859.257.3118
photo Lisa Blackadar REGISTRATION ASSISTANT: Lisa Blackadar, 859. 218.1604
  TEACHER OUTREACH COORDINATOR: Sonja Brooks, 859.257.1926


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