photograph of a goat

SANCTUARY: Portraits of Rescued Farm Animals
with sharon Lee Hart

Sunday, April 7, 2 pm
Free (donation suggested)

As a child Sharon Lee Hart noticed that the few farm animals she encountered were not treated with the same love and respect that we give to our beloved dogs and cats. She later learned that farm animals are among the most mistreated animals on the planet.

Hart visited ten farm animal sanctuaries where she found rescued farm animals who were rehabilitated with love and kindness and given lifelong care.

She chose to make portraits of the animals to show their personalities and to depict them in the dignified manner they deserve. However, she insists that the animals she photographs are “ the fortunate ones who have escaped their misery and torture, an estimated ten billion others each year will not escape. With unbelievably few laws protecting them, these living, feeling beings are forced to live in tiny confinement crates, mutilated, mistreated, and deprived of even the
most basic necessities. “

Each portrait of a safe, rescued farm animal is her plea to help those who are still suffering, and to see farm animals as the remarkable, emotional beings they truly are.



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