lichtenstein serigraphROY LICHTENSTEIN,Titled, serigraph. Courtesy of Wells Fargo Art Collection, St. Louis, Missouri. © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein

Dine etching
JIM DINE, The Heart in Landscape, dry point etching

frankenthaler silk screen
HELEN FRANKENTHALER, Bilbao HC, 13-color silkscreen

Selections from the Wells Fargo Collection

May 18 - August 17, 2014

ADMISSION: $8 / $5
(FREE for all students and for UK staff, faculty, & alumni)
FREE for everyone on Fridays from 5-8 pm

Landscape/Mindscape: Selections from the Wells Fargo Collection, features some of the twentieth century’s most prominent artists working in wide range of styles, from Pop Art to Color Field painting and various forms of abstraction.

Andy Warhol offers up his trademark multiple images in a series of three sunsets printed in rich, varied colors. Roy Lichtenstein renders sun, sea and sky in bright color and simplified form. Jim Dine offers a glimpse of a landscape through an elaborate wrought iron gate in one work, and sets a heart down amidst a field of sparse flowers in another.

Helen Frankenthaler, known for her “stain” paintings—in which she poured thinned paint over raw canvas to achieve clouds of rich color—adapts the process to printmaking in glowing compositions. While abstract, her work is drawn from the natural world, and the titles—Bilbao and The Red Sea—offer clues to her inspiration.

While the “mindscapes” in this exhibition are all thought-provoking, many are also both fun and figurative. The night explodes in brilliant color in Jennifer Bartlett’s Earth Fireworks. Christo and Jean-Claude, installation artists known for wrapping both manmade and natural landmarks in yards of fabric, offer a view of their Running Fence installation,an 18-foot-high structure that ran for 24 miles through California’s hilly Sonoma County.

Find these and the work of many other extraordinary artists—among them Sam Francis, Robert Motherwell, Phillip Pearlstein, and Kiki Smith—in Landscape/Mindscape: Selections from the Wells Fargo Collection this summer.

This exhibition is made possible by the Bluegrass Complex of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Member SIPC

Promotional Sponsors: Meridian- Chiles and Thoroughbred Printing.



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