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All exhibitions are in the Richard B. Freeman Gallery of the Art Museum
All lectures are held on Friday afternoons at 4 pm in the Worsham Theater of the UK Student Center
(Euclid Ave & Martin Luther King Blvd)
Exhibitions and lectures are Free

The 2011-12 Robert C. May Photography Endowment Lecture Series examines constructed images of America from the Grand Canyon to
New York City and suburban backyards to domestic interiors.

Exhibition: October 9 - November 13, 2011
Lecture: November 4, 4 pm
Klett photograph

Exhibition: November 20, – January 15, 2012
Lecture: December 2, 4 pm

Blackmon photo

Exhibition: January 22 – March 4, 2012
Lecture: February 10, 4 pm

Stein photograph

Exhibition: March 11– April 22, 2012
Lecture: March 23, 4 pm

Spagnoli photograph

2010- 2011 Robert C. May Series
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