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General Information
The UK Campus Housing Mural Project began in the early nineties to add color and personality to the interiors of the Residence Halls by applying graphics to the hallways as well as some laundry rooms, study rooms, computer labs, TV rooms, recreation rooms, etc. Some UK Campus Cuisine locations also have murals or graphics. This successful project is a unique feature to living on campus and it continues as a UK Campus Housing tradition. A complete catalog of murals, past and present, is available for viewing. The catalog may be helpful when trying to decide on new mural ideas.
About the UK Campus Housing Mural Artist

The UK Campus Housing Mural Artists are qualified designers and painters of large scale graphics and murals. Through out the years several artists, both UK students and graduates, have worked as mural painters for UK Campus Housing. Hired part-time through UK Auxiliary Services Department, the UK Campus Housing Mural Artists are instructed by UK Campus Housing Staff.

Policies to request a new mural
  1. Must meet priority criteria:
  2. Is the new mural going to be painted on a blank wall? If so, 3/4 majority of residents must request a mural to be painted, and approve the mural theme/design.
  3. Is the new mural going to be painted over an older, outdated mural? If so, the reason for painting over the old mural must be justified - see below.
  4. Current mural is damaged beyond repair as determined by UK Campus Housing staff.
  5. A 3/4 majority of the residents living in the specified area must agree to having a new mural and must approve the artwork.

  6. All new mural requests must be submitted by filling out the Mural Request form, include approved artwork or ideas for new mural, and attach a list of names for proof of 3/4 majority approval.
Options available to residents requesting new murals
  1. RAs and residents meet with the UK Campus Housing artist to discuss new mural designs. The artist can suggest ideas and/or sketches to assist the RAs and residents in their decision for a new mural. Once a decision is made on a new mural concept, the artist will design and paint the new mural after the RAs and residents approve and sign off on final design draft. (RAs and residents may assist painting under artist’s supervision. – refer to #4)

  2. RAs and residents may create ideas for new mural themes/designs. RAs and residents then meet with UK Campus Housing Mural Artist. Artists will sketch their favorite idea and paint the new design.

  3. Residents may submit their own designs in full color. RAs and residents meet with UK Campus Housing artists and choose their favorite design. The artists paint the new design.

  4. Residents may submit their own designs for approval. If approved, residents may paint their own murals under our UK Campus Housing artist’s supervision and proper approval. UK Campus Housing will supply all materials. (“Resident artist” must submit completed designs in full color and signed contract of department guidelines. – See “Mural Approval and Contract Form”.)
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