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How do I read my charges in SAP?

Generally Your business Office or other FI component trained individuals should be able to assist you with this. If you have further questions, please contact your training coordinator to make arrangements for SAP FI training.

What are handling fees ard why are we being charged for them?

Handling fees are the mark-up from the UK Supply Center cost to cover the overhead of receiving, storing, handling and delivering an item to you.

These fees were originally seen in the cost of an item, but SAP separates them out. If you take the handling fee and add it to the line item cost of your order, you will get the actual cost of the item as it apears on your web request.

For example, if you purchase Item A through our catalog and the price is stated at $3.25, you will be charged the $3 cost of the item as soon as it is posted. When SAP runs the daily handling fee program, the additional $0.25 will be charged to your account for a complete cost of $3.25.

Why does the price sometimes differ from the time I place the order and when the order posts?

All pricing and contracts have been established through UK Purchasing. It is important to note that pricing may fluctuate between orders. SAP calculates an average moving price for items so if there is a price change up or down when an item is re-ordered this change will be reflected in the price of the item. A download from SAP to the online catalog is done nightly so it is possible that the price may change slightly from the time the order is placed online and when it is entered into SAP. Feel free to contact us with any questions.