Theodore O'Hara
11 February 1820 - 6 June 1867

Theodore O'Hara was born in Danville on 11 February 1820, son of Kane O'Hara, an Irish immigrant and teacher. His family moved to Woodford county and then to Frankfort. He was educated by his father and graduated from St. Joseph College in Bardstown. He was an attorney, reporter, editor, and writer. He fought in the Mexican War and with the Confederate Army. He is perhaps best remembered as the author of "The Bivouac of the Dead," inspired by his experience in Mexico. He died in Alabama on 6 June 1867 and was buried in Columbus, Georgia. His body was moved to the Frankfort Cemetery in 1874.

Portrait of Theodore O'Hara
Portrait of Theodore O'Hara from the frontispiece of George W. Ranck's The Bivouac of the Dead and Its Author (1898).

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