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What has changed?

  • The new main dining room can accommodate up to 300 people for a sit-down dinner. Previously, the maximum was about 125.
  • A series of meeting rooms along the front of the center (along the Rose Street side) can be expanded and contracted to handle gatherings of between 30 to 80 people. The previous President's Room, for example, could only handle a dozen or so people for a meeting. Folding partitions allow for the room to be expanded or contracted.
  • The original bathrooms have been renovated. Public restrooms have been built toward the back of the new facility.
  • Environmentally certified mahogany woodwork, including trim and crown molding, has been erected throughout the new center.
  • A new side Terrace has been constructed that includes a seasonal grill/kitchen.
  • A new library and bar area, with a two-sided gas log fireplace and plasma TV screen, has been constructed and also features books from the University Press.
  • The interior courtyard contains new lighting and a new fountain.
  • The main kitchen has been completely renovated and features many new appliances, a new walk-in cooler and bakery area and a reconditioned walk-in freezer.
  • New furniture and other accessories include wood flooring, carpeting, chandeliers, window treatments, and blinds.
  • Large screen displays, which can all be connected, and wireless capabilities throughout the facility as well as video conferencing availability.

The Boone Center is open Monday - Friday from 11:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. for lunch for members and their guests.

Boone Center Room Rates and Capacities

Click here (PDF) for more information on room rates and capacities.

Quick Facts

  • The original Boone Center was designed with unfinished space and with the probability of adding more needed space.  After nearly 20 years of operations, the facility was seriously in need of renovation. 
  • More than $6 million was spent to renovate and expand the existing facility.
  • Prior to the renovation, the Boone Center had 17,615 square feet. The current square footage is 20,375 feet.
Dress is Business Casual Attire
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