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Knowledge Management Exchange 

Welcome to the Knowledge Management Exchange (KME). The intent of the KME is to provide a means for exchanging ideas about knowledge management, particularly as it relates to decision support. These may revolve around major themes expressed in the book Decision Support Systems: A Knowledge-Based Approach or additional themes identified by participants. The book's major themes include the following:

1. Knowledge management is concerned with the representation and processing of knowledge by machines, people, organizations, and societies.

2. A major purpose of knowledge management is to support the making of decisions.

3. Decision making is a knowledge-intensive activity with knowledge as its raw material, work-in-process, and finished good.

4. Knowledge is not monolithic, but is of several types (e.g., descriptive knowledge is distinct from procedural knowledge, and both are distinct from reasoning knowledge).

5. There are multiple useful techniques for managing knowledge in the course of making a decision.

6. Decision support systems (be they human and/or machine-based) are systems that use various knowledge management techniques to represent and process knowledge that is of interest to decision makers.

7. Proficiency in knowledge management is increasingly important to the competitiveness of decision makers as we move rapidly into the global knowledge society.

Pages related to these KME themes include:

Decision Making and Knowledge
Knowledge-Based Organizations
Knowledge-Management Techniques for Decision Support

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