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Selected Periodicals

To stay abreast of ongoing advances in the decision support system field, it is helpful to monitor a variety of periodicals that publish articles dealing with DSS issues and the proceedings of conferences concerned with DSS research. We identify leading periodicals that should be candidates for regular monitoring. For conference information, see Announcements.


Periodicals influencing the DSS field


Leading DSS Periodicals

The rank order listed below is found in "An Empirical Assessment and Categorization of Journals Relevant to DSS Research," Decision Support Systems, 14, No. 3, 1995. Based on a study of over 7,500 citations in recently published DSS articles, it identifies journals that have had the most influence on the DSS field.

  1. Decision Support Systems (recipient of multiple Anbar Golden Page Awards for "most original content" & for "research implications")

  2. Management Science

  3. Communications of the ACM

  4. MIS Quarterly

  5. Artificial Intelligence

  6. Operations Research

  7. Decision Sciences

  8. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

  9. Journal of Management Information Systems

  10. European Journal of Operational Research

  11. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

  12. IEEE Computer (tie)

  13. Interfaces (tie with IEEE Computer)

  14. International Journal of Man-Machine Studies

  15. DATA BASE (tie)

  16. Harvard Business Review(tie with DATA BASE)

  17. Journal of the ACM

  18. ACM Transactions on Database Systems

  19. ACM Transactions on Information Systems

  20. Information and Management

To the foregoing, we add others that are too new to have appeared in the list: Business Intelligence Journal, Decision Analysis, DM Review, DSstar, International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining, International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining, International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making, Journal of Decision Systems.


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 Leading Expert Systems Periodicals

The book Decision Support Systems: A Knowledge-Based Approach views expert systems as an important class of decision support systems.

The rank order listed below is found in "The Impact of Periodicals on Expert System Research," IEEE Expert 9, No. 6,1994". Based on a study of about 15,000 citations in recently published expert sysems articles, it identifies journals that have had the greatest impact on the expert system field.

  1. IEEE Intelligent Systems (formerly named IEEE Expert)

  2. Artificial Intelligence (tie)

  3. AI Magazine (tie with Artificial Intelligence)

  4. Expert Systems

  5. International Journal of Man-Machine Studies (tie) *

  6. Machine Learning (tie with IJMMS)

  7. Communications of the ACM

  8. Knowledge Acquisition *

  9. AI Expert

  10. Expert Systems with Applications

* The International Journal of Man-Machine Studies and Knowledge Acquisition have merged to become the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies.

To the foregoing journals we add others such as the Journal of Automated Reasoning and Knowledge Engineering Review.


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Leading Artificial Intelligence Periodicals

The book Decision Support Systems: A Knowledge-Based Approach points out that AI techniques can be used to build artificially intelligent DSSs.

The rank order listed below is found in "Citation-Based Journal Rankings for AI Research: A Business Perspective", AI Magazine,17,2,1996. Based on over 15.000 citations in AI articles, it identifies journals that have had the greatest influence on the AI field.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

  2. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

  3. IEEE Intelligent Systems (formerly named IEEE Expert)

  4. AI Magazine

  5. Machine Learning

  6. Expert Systems

  7. Communications of the ACM

  8. Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing

  9. Expert Systems with Applications

  10. International Journal of Man-Machine Studies *

  11. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

  12. Cognitive Science

  13. International Journal of Computer Vision

  14. SIGART Newsletter

  15. AI Expert

  16. Computational Intelligence

  17. Knowledge Acquisition *

  18. IEEE Computer

  19. Journal of Automated Reasoning

  20. Journal of the ACM

* The International Journal of Man-Machine Studies and Knowledge Acquisition have merged recently to become the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies.

To the foregoing journals, we add others many of which are too new to have appeared in the list:
Applied Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Review
Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance, and Management
International Journal of Intelligent Systems

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
Minds and Machines


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 Knowledge Management Periodicals

A central theme of the book Decision Support Systems: A Knowledge-Based Approach is that decision support systems are mechanisms for managing knowledge in the course of decision making.   Periodicals dealing with knowledge management include the following:

  1.  Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  2.  Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management
  3.  Global Knowledge Review
  4.  IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
  5.  Intelligent Enterprise
  6.  International Journal of Innovation Management
  7. International Journal of Knowledge and Learning
  8.  International Journal of Knowledge Management
  9.  Journal of Information and Knowledge Management
  10.  Journal of Intellectual Capital
  11.  Journal of KMPro
  12.  Journal of Knowledge Management
  13.  KMWorld
  14.  Knowledge and Information Systems
  15.  Knowledge Management Journals (SWS links)
  16.  Knowledge and Process Managment
  17.  Knowledge-Letter (Gurteen)
  18.  Knowledge Management (Ark Group)
  19.  Knowledge Management (destinationKM.com)
  20.  Knowledge Management News (Hoyt links, editorials, events, newsletters)
  21.  Knowledge Management Research & Practice
  22.  Knowledge, Technology & Policy
  23.  KnowMap-The Knowledge Management, Auditing and Mapping Magazine
  24. The Learning Organization


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Organizational Computing/Electronic Commerce Periodicals

As the book Decision Support Systems: A Knowledge-Based Approach shows, a substantial segment of the DSS field overlaps with the organizational computing / electronic commerce field. Journals that are oriented toward this overlap include the following:

  1.  Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
  2.  Computer Supported Cooperative Work
  3.  Decision Support Systems
  4.  Electronic Commerce Research
  5.  Electronic Commerce Research and Applications
  6.  Electronic Markets
  7.  Group Decision and Negotiation
  8.  The Information Society
  9.  Information Systems and E-Business Management
  10.  Intelligent Enterprise
  11.  International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
  12.  International Journal of Electronic Business
  13.  International Journal of Electronic Commerce
  14.  International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management
  15.  Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  16.  Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations
  17.  Journal of Electronic Commerce Research
  18.  Journal of Enterprise Information Management (previously Logistics Information Management)
  19.  Journal of Hyperlinked Organization
  20.  Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce
  21.  Organization Science
  22.  Quarterly Journal of Electronic Commerce


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Leading Business Computing Periodicals

Decision support systems, along with management information systems and transaction processing systems are parts of the business computing field.  A top tier of business computing periodicals listed below is found in "A Citation Analysis of Business Computing Research," Information and Management 25, No. 5,1993. This tier was established by combining the results of seven earlier studies that rank such periodicals based on subjective and objective criteria.

  1.  ACM Computing Surveys
  2.  ACM Transactions on Database Systems
  3.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems
  4.  Communications of the ACM
  5.  Data Management
  6.  Datamation
  7.  Decision Sciences
  8.  Decision Support Systems
  9.  Harvard Business Review
  10.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
  11.  Information and Management
  12.  Information Systems Management
  13.  Interfaces
  14.  Journal of Computer Information Systems
  15.  Journal of Management Information Systems
  16.  Journal of Systems Management
  17.  Management Science
  18.  MIS Quarterly
  19.  Sloan Management Review

To these we add other prominent journals that were too new or too specialized to have been considered in the seven studies:

  1.  Australian Journal of Information Systems
  2.  Behaviour and Information Technology
  3.  Communications of the Association for Information Systems
  4.  Computers and Operations Research
  6.  European Journal of Information Systems
  7.  Information Resources Management Journal
  8.  Information Strategy: The Executive's Journal
  9.  Information Systems
  10.  Information Systems Frontiers
  11.  Information Systems Journal
  12.  Information Systems Management
  13.  Information Systems Research
  14.  Information Technology and Management
  15.  Information Technology & People
  16.  INFORMS Journal on Computing
  17.  International Journal of Information Management
  18.  International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management
  19.  Journal of the Association for Information Systems
  20.  Journal of Database Management
  21.  Journal of Information Systems
  22.  Journal of Information Systems Security
  23.  Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application
  24.  Journal of Information Technology Cases and Applications
  25.  Journal of Information Technology Management
  26.  Journal of Organizational and End-User Computing
  27.  Journal of Strategic Information Systems
  28.  Journal of Systems and Software
  29.  Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems


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Other Periodicals of Interest

  1. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction
  2. Annals of Operations Research
  3. Business, Management & Information Technology Journals (Malhotra's links)
  4. Computational Economics (formerly Computer Science in Economics and Management)
  5. The Computer Journal
  6. Decision Science Journal of Innovative Education
  7. Education and Information Technologies
  8. Foundations of Information Systems
  9. Human Communication Research
  10. Human-Computer Interaction
  11. IEICE Transaction on Information and Systems
  12. Information Processing & Management
  13. Information Retrieval
  14. Informing Science
  15. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction
  16. International Journal of Human Computer Studies
  17. International Journal of Law and Information Technology
  18. International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction
  19. Journal of Digital Information
  20. Journal of Information Systems Education
  21. Journal of Technology Law and Policy
  22. MIS Journals (Vijayaraman's links)
  23. Omega
  24. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
  25. Policy Sciences
  26. Scientific American
  27. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences
  28. Technology and Culture
  29. Theory and Decision


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Online Publications

  1. Business 2.0
  2. Business Week
  3. Byte
  4. CIO Magazine OnLine
  5. Computerworld
  6. Datamation
  7. DB2 Magazine Online
  8. The Economist
  9. Fast Company
  10. Forbes
  11. I3 Update

  12. I,Cringely

  13. InfoWorld
  14. Internet World Daily
  15. IQ Online Business Magazine 
  16. Investor's Business Daily

  17. MISQ Discovery
  18. NY Times on the Web
  19. OR/MS Today
  20. PC Magazine
  21. eWeek
  22. Talking Culture, Talking Knowledge
  23. U.S. News Online
  24. Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
  25. WebNet Journal Online
  26. World Wide Web Journal


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