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Related Sites

This page provides links to a wide variety of web sites that complement the coverage in Decision Support Systems: A Knowledge Based Approach.   Links for these related sites are organized into the following categories:


Decision Support Systems

Data Warehouse Resources

Decision Support System Resources

Decision Support Systems (journal's table of contents)

Decision Support Systems: A Knowledge-Based Approach (book, news items, periodicals, announcements)

Decision Systems Group (Harvard projects, technologies)

Decision Theory & Adaptive Systems (Microsoft research group projects, articles)

DSS Course Sites

DSS Instructional Material Sites (examples)

Employment Decision Support (VCU WorkWORLD software)

Environmental Decision Support (NCEDR cases, tools, guides, research, links)

Forest Management DSSs (discussion group)

Group Decision and Negotiation (INFORMS announcements, calls, discussions)

Intelligent Decision Support Systems (Bai introduction)

Management Support Systems (NIMT links to systems, groupware, education, publications)

Model Management Site (National University of Singapore overview, languages, structured modeling, research projects)

Negotiation-Related Resources (InterNeg links to DSS, EC, CSCW, AI, and other negotiation-related sites)

Negotiation Support Systems (Carelton studies, tools, references, training, links)

Online Analytical Process Resources

Spatial Decision Support Systems

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Expert Systems & Artificial Intelligence


  • Cambridge (links)
  • IBM (overview, whole papers)
  • Krupansky (links)
  • MIT (projects, publications, resources, news)
  • Oliver (links)
  • Tan (technology and application links)
  • UMass (focus on autonomous intelligent agents)
  • UMBC (categorized links)

AI on the WWW (IEEE links to AI originators and intermediaries)

American Association for Artificial Intelligence (announcements, publications, resources)

Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute (University of Edinburgh: projects, consulting, training)

Artificial Intelligence FAQs (Carnegie Mellon: frequently asked questions)

Artificial Intelligence Group (Beckman Institute: research groups and projects)

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture and Natural Resources (MSU index to research)

Artificial Intelligence in Design (WPI links, projects, research, announcements)

Artifical Intelligince in Law

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (Cal Poly resource list)

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT: AI research and publications)

Artificial Intelligence Resources

Case-Based Reasoning

Expert System Interest Group (American Bar Association: frequently asked questions, online ES resources)

Expert System Resources (Batelle research links)

Genetic Algorithms / Neural Nets  for Data Mining (PMSI tutorials, applications, links)

Intelligent Agents (links)

Intelligent Agents (links)

Intelligent Micromachine Institute (Sandia MEMS Technology)

Intelligent Software Agents (UMBC information & resources about agents)

Intelligent Systems Readings (Queens University AI links)

Knowledge Acquisition Tools (Gaines & Shaw articles)

Logic Programming (Oxford links, events)

MultiAgent Systems Lab (UMass projects, links, background)

Natural Language Processing Systems (report)

Navy Center for Applied Research in AI (intelligent systems, human-computer interaction)

Spatial Reasoning Resources (Albany tutorial, research links, bibliography)

Tree of AI Knowledge (Lancaster University: structured tree of AI references)


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Knowledge Management

ACT Web (CMU research on knowledge acquisition, organization & intelligent behavior)

The Age of Social Transformation (Drucker article on knowledge work)

Center for Knowledge-Based Enterprises (Queens School of Business)

Center for Knowledge Management (Ottawa research on social change)

Center for Knowledge Management (UCSF papers, presentations, projects)

CIO (links, articles, events, vendors)

Corporate Knowledge Management Survey (AIAI list of KM projects, groups)

Data Mining

Deming Institute (Deming system of profound knowledge)

Distributed Systems Technology Centre (enterprise modeling, knowledge & resource management)

Empires of the Mind (collection of articles)

Enterprise Project (AIAI knowledge-based enterprise modeling & integration)

Enterprise Document Management (IBM links)

Ernst & Young (Groundwork article archives)

Funderstanding (learning theories and applications)

Global Knowledge Partnership (World Bank links, virtual conference, events)

Gotcha! (overview, products, lists, links)


Idea Exchange (buying/selling ideas)

Information Economy (Varian)

Integrated Systems for Knowledge Management (Landcare knowledge integration processes, research programme)

Intellectual Capital (ICS references, people, software, events, links)

Intranet/Knowledge Management Resource Center (Epple intranet, KM links)

Kaietur Institute for Knowledge Management (KIKM networked think tank)

Kentucky Initiative for Knowledge Management (KIKM research paper series)

KMTool (KM project planning resource)

KM World (publications, events, buyer's guide, newswire)

The Knowing Organization (Choo book)

Knowledge Asset Management (AIAI miscellaneous KM links)

Knowledge Collaboration Strategies (collaboration strategies online, articles, cases, bibliography, links)

Knowledge Connections (Skyrme knowledge management resources, insights, innovation)

Knowledge Ecology (KE workgroup, resources, news, university)

Knowledge Ecology Fair (virtual KM event)

Knowledge Economy

Knowledge Inc. (executive newsletter on trends in knowledge management)

Knowledge Innovation Assessment. (Amidon online article)

Knowledge Innovation Strategies (Entovation reports, articles)

Knowledge Management Articles

  • Alavi (presentation on KM and KM systems)
  • CIO ( Knowledge Management Research Center)
  • Dove (Realsearch article)
  • McMaster (organizational intelligience article)
  • Oldham & McLean ( knowledge brokering approaches)
  • Renaissance (viewpoints)

Knowledge Management Case Studies (ICASIT online cases)

Knowledge Management Consortium (Stockholm University / Royal Institute of  Technology)

Knowledge Management Consortium International (announcements, research, discssion)

Knowledge Management Forum (Newman discussion forum for KM theories, methods, practices)

Knowledge Management Group (Charles Sturt University projects)

Knowledge Management Index (KTIC index of links for KM-related topics)

Knowledge Management Laboratory (FIU system descriptions, demos)

Knowledge Management Library (Malhotra links to KM resources)

Knowledge Management Network (Utrecht overview, archives, sites, announcements, forum)

Knowledge Management Report (World Bank white paper)

Knowledge Management Resources

Knowledge Management Server (University of Texas)

Knowledge Management Standards (Standards Australia)

Knowledge Management, Strategic Learning, and Technology (Renaissance white papers, events)

Knowledge Management Terminology (KTIC terms, concepts, roles, technologies, techniques, disciplines)

Knowledge Management Trends ( Backweb study of CIO & CEOs)

Knowledge On-Line (information / communication forum for CKO's & knowledge workers)

Knowledge Portals (St. Gallen approach to using the Internet to enable business transmission)

Knowledge Research Institute (Wiig perspectives, publications)

Knowledge Rover (George Mason / DARPA research project)

Knowledge Science Institute (Calgary publications about knowledge economy)

Knowledge Selection Examples (Magnifi online tour of multformat selections)

Knowledge Sharing Forum (Electric Minds virtual community forums)

Knowledge Transfer (Buckman article)

Knowledge & Values (Discoveryshop dialogue on knowledge, values, valuation)

Know-org Mailing List (for research and scholorship in KM and OL)

Learning Organizations (articles, organizations, vendors, events)

Learning Organizations Dialog (Karash discussion)

Learning Organizations Ideas (IBM article)

Learning Organizations Strategies (IBM article)

Organizational Knowledge Asset Management (George Washington papers, projects)

Organizational Knowledge Management (LernerFirst white papers)

Organizational Learning & Knowledge Management (Malhotra references, online resources, tools, organizational learning)

Organizational Learning & Knowledge Management (TLA overview, links)

Organizational Learning & Knowledge Management Researches

Organizational Learning Network (MIT research, ideas, practice)

Performance Support Systems Resources

  • Banerji (links)
  • epss.com (overview, forum, online articles, vendors)
  • Marion (links to online articles, research sites)
  • PETS Center (links to online resources)

Sociology of Knowledge (Colorado links)

Stanford Learning Organization Web (articles, readings, links)

Thought Leadership (Delphi Group articles)

Unconventional Knowledge (Malhotra's Quotations)


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Other Related Sites

Agility ( Agility forum tutorial, FAQ, news, links)

Application Development Resources

Benchmarking (list practices repository, library, links)

Best Practices (online database)

Business Academic Resource Directory (Baltimore directory of research, teaching, service resources for business)

Business Bookmarks (AT&T guide to business sites)

Business Computing (Intel technologies solutions for business challenges)

Business Computing (computer information center)

Business Forecasting (Case Western Reserve FAQs)

Business Intelligence Center (SRI business intelligence program, tech. monitoring, decision monitor)

Business Resources

  • BizEc (business adminstration resources)
  • Brint (business research resources)
  • ENTER Web (enterprise development resources)
  • Inc. (interactive worksheets, bulletin boards, searchable databases, software, links)
  • IOMA (links and news)
  • IPMA (categorized management research / practice resources)
  • Kansas (business and economics resources)
  • Krislyn (categorized business resource sites)
  • Madayn (categorized business resources)
  • Management Archive (practical resources for managers)
  • Mining Company (categorized business resources)
  • MSU (international business resources)
  • Nijenrode (business resources for students, faculty, researchers)
  • Strathclyde (categorized business resources)
  • World Post (mega-links)

Business Sites

Center for Digital Commerce (Georgia State EC research center)

Center for Research in Electronic Commerce (University of Texas CREC resource center)

CIO Executive Resource Center (events, library, career, forums)

Collaboration Support (Gaines online paper)

Collaborative Technologies, Tools & Methods (publications, resources, groupware sites)

CommerceNet (EC news, events, papers, studies)

Communication Networks (Monge & Contractor online article)

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (Technical University-Munich bibliography, links, projects)

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Groupware

  • Brinck (overviews, indexes, papers, products, studies, centers)
  • Liverpool (forum for CSCW product links, projects)

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Program (projects, resources)

Computing History (obsolete computer museum)

Computing History (PBS triumph of the Nerds)

Computing History (Polsson chronlogy)

Conflict Management Resources (CMG negotiation, dispute, resolution, crisis management)

Coordination Mechanisms (Crowston online article)

Coordination Science (MIT Center papers, research, events, links)

Culture (Deep Woods papers on technological support of organizational culture)

Customer Relationship Management (DestinationCRM news, information, applications)

Cybernetic Theory and Technology (Principia cybernetic research results, links)

Decision Analysis and Risk Management (ORSS related links)

Electronic Commerce

  • Ho (study of 1000 commercial sites)
  • Net 101 (20 reasons for Web business)
  • Riggins & Rhee (article: Toward a Unified View of Electronic Commerce)
  • Weiss (20 questions and their answers)

Electronic Commerce Data Base (ECDB resources for EC decisions)

Electronic Commerce / EDI Resources  list

Electronic Commerce Guide (iWORLD guide to electronic commerce)

Electronic Commerce Survey (SRI Business Intelligence Program)

Electronic Commerce World (EC WORLD digital journal and resources)

Enterprise Computing

Enterprise Resource Planning (PC Webopaedia definition, links)

Enterprise Software (Capterra directory for ERP, CRM, budgeting, etc.)

Entrepreneurial Support & Resource Community (Let's Talk Business Network)

Ernst & Young Center for Business Innovation (research projects, forum, events)

Ethics in Technology (CCSR resources on professionalism, privacy, equality, remote activities)

Forecasting (Wharton handbook chapters, FAQ, links)

Forecasting Principles (Armstrong methods and principles)

Geographic Information Systems

Groupware Central (Dennis news, applications, tools, research, resources, special topics)

Human-Computer Interaction (Craiger categorized links)

Human Resource Management Basics (Russell basic HRM information and links)

Human Resource Management Resources (Wilson links to HRM sites)

Industry Net (business-to-business commerce)

Information Management Global Forum (MCB current awareness, archives, resources)

Information Society Opportunities (ACHIEVE research projects, results)

Information Systems Metalist (Washington University links organized by various IS topics)

Information Systems Research (IPMA links)

Information Systems World (ISWorld Net)

Information Technology E-Markets (Solution Central roundtables, knowledgebank, links, briefing)

Information Technology Resources (Microsoft managing IT, hot topics, links)

INFORMS OR/MS Resource Collection (categorical links)

International Center for Electronic Commerce (introduction, publications, events)

International Conference on Information Systems (history, organization, meetings)

Internet News and Resources (iWORLD internet news and resources)

Internet Resources (Linkaway2, links)

Intranet Resources (IPMA links)

Intranet Resources (Smart Infotech articles, white papers, discussion, FAQs, vendors)

itm WEB (Finney information technology professional resources)

Law Applications on the Web (Pritchard descriptions & links)

Malhotra's Business Researcher's Interests (meta index of links organized into 20 topical sections including the following)

Market Research on Technology Issues (Aberdeen insights & viewpoints)

Marketing Resources (SME articles, viewpoints, links)

Media Labratory (MIT multimedia research, programs, information, events)

Multimedia and Internet Training (Hall newsletter, articles, resources)

Natural Resource Management (Massey University categorized links)

Negotiation and Collaboration in Electronic Commerce (Segev overview, bibliography, resources & projects)

Network Organization (Van Alstyne article)

Normative Systems and Uncertanty Management (ORSS related links)

Operations Management Resources

  • Finch (links organized by various OM topics)
  • Fink (links organized by various OM topics)
  • TWIGG (index of operations management, forum)
  • Warwick (links)

Operations Research Resources (Trick frequently asked questions, online resources, courses, announcements)

Optimization Resources (ORSS frequently asked questions, software, tutorials)

Organizational Communication (ACA links)

Organizational Development (Russell related links)

Qualitative Reasoning Resources (Qphysics archives)

Project Management (Beise categorized links and readings)

Reengineering Resources Center (IBM library, news0

Simulation Research Using AI (Arizona projects, events, concepts, links)

Simulation Resources (ORSS modelling, online simulators)

Small Business Toolkit (Los Alamos)

Supply Chain Resources (SCC model overview, venders, events, links)

Systems Analysis Resources (University of Missouri related links)

Systems Development Resources (Methodology.org methods, techniques, tools)

Systems Dynamics/Systems Thinking (links)

TeamNet (archive of discussions about teamwork and related topics)

TechTools (CMP Net software reviews, tutorials, downloads)

Virtual Organizations (ESPRIT PRODNET Project)

Virtual Organizations (University of Berne  research)


Workflow Automation (Ultimus white papers)

Workflow Management (Kradolfer project and product links)

Workflow Patterns 

World Wide Web Consortium (standards, technical reports, reference software)

World Wide Web for Operations Research and Management Science (virtual OR/MS encyclopedias, OR/MS topics of interest)

Workplace Studies Program (Cornell research, publications, links)


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Related Organizations

AAAI Special Interest Group on AI in Business
Academic Information Systems Research Centers
ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Personnel Research
ACM Special Intterest Group on Electronic Commerce
ACM Special Intterest Group on Knowledge Discovery
American Accounting Association AI/ES Section
American Association for Artificial Intelligence
American Communication Association
American Society for Information Science
Association for Computing Machinery
Association for Information and Image Management
Association for Information Systems
Association of Information Technology Professionals
Chief Information Officers Council
CommerceNet Consortium
Computer and Communication Organizations(links)
The Conference Board
Data Warehousing Institute
Decision Sciences Institute
Electronic Commerce World Institute
European Association for Knowledge Management
Expert System Interest Group
IEEE Computer Society
Federation for Enterprise Knowledge Development
Global Knowledge Economics Council
IFIP Technical Committee 8

IFIP Working Group 7.6
IFIP Working Group 8.3
Information Resources Management Association
INFORMS College on Information Systems
Institute for Knowledge Management
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
International Foundation on Cooperative Information Systems
International Information Management Association
International Institute for Learning Organization and Innovation
International Society for Knowledge Organization
Knowledge Management Consortium
Knowledge Management Society of Japan
North Carolina Knowledge Management Center
Operations Research Society
Organizational Communication and Information Systems Division (Academy of Management)
Production and Operations Management Society
Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals
Society for Information Management
Workflow Management Coalition

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