September 8, 2011

“Barbarians At The Gate; The Mobile Revolution”

September 8, 2011

The industry press reports that over two-thirds of the Fortune 100 now have iPad pilots or deployments taking place, and that the iPhone now is mainstream in over 80% of the Fortune 500. At the same time, companies like Dell have said openly, “Apple is great if you’ve got a lot of money and live on an island, but not so great if you have to exist in a diverse, open, connected enterprise,…where simple things become quite complex.”

Yet no matter which side of this fence you are on, certain things are inescapable. Apple and others are absolutely obliterating the distinctions between consumer and professional devices. It is not unreasonable to think that in just one more year there could be well over 20 million tablet devices connected to corporate networks in search of customer-facing corporate applications. This is now forcing CIOs to face up to a simple question, “Are you willing to help drive this IT revolution, or are you instead planning to fight it?”

Here again is another IT Heroism opportunity for senior IT leaders, through which your personal brand going forward will in part be defined. So, where do you stand on this topic? Listen as a panel of noted IT executives shares their thinking, their plans and their concerns on this transformational issue.

The “CIO Practicum” is an ongoing forum where senior IT leaders come together in a comfortable dinner setting to collaboratively attack common issues. The participants share their experiences and insights in a very interactive and lively “Amish barn-raising” like format focused on actual real-life situations. This provocative program is uniquely organized around CIO “peer learning” and collective joint problem-solving, and it has received extensive praise.

Please join us in our next upcoming session at The University of Kentucky’s Hilary Boone Center. This ongoing series helps its participants build an improved and creative personal network of peers and executives devoted to sharing best practices, renewing their skills on an ongoing basis, and raising the level of technical “literacy” and effectiveness within their organizations. There is no cost to our invited guests.


5pm Registration and Welcoming Reception

6pm Welcoming Remarks

  • Mr. Bruce C. Barnes

    President; Bold Vision, LLC

    Co-Founder of the “CIO Practicum” Series

6:05pm Introduction

  • Mr. Thornton A. May

    Internationally Known IT Futurist, Author and “CIO Whisperer”

6:15pm Power Panel; “Moving From Luxury To Mainstream”

Armed with powerful new mobile devices, employees are now creating a vast new opportunities for their businesses to leverage collaboration, a richer presence and communications on all fronts. Still, it is never as easy as it sounds. Join with a panel of noted senior executives, moderated by Thornton May, as they share their experiences, their insights and their advice concerning the new mobile enterprise.


  • Steve Baker

    Executive Director-Architecture & Strategy

    UK Healthcare IT
  • Doyle Friskney


    University of Kentucky IT


• Dell


7:15pm Working Dinner

Over dinner participants will act as separate workgroups, discussing a presented problem emerging from the panel discussion. Each workgroup will then derive a series of agreed-upon answers and/or next steps for a recommended solution.

8:15pm Report Backs

8:45pm Adjourn