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Your valuable gift will be combined with others in the Center's education and research endowment to support our working toward understanding and ending violence against women.

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The Gift of Women’s Health:  The Verizon Wireless Endowment

The intruding marks of violence sometimes rest briefly and sometimes endure on the body of a woman.

Verizon Wireless is recognized nationally for its corporate commitment to educating communities about domestic violence. Verizon Wireless’ HopeLine program collects used wireless phones and accessories from any wireless service provider and translates those donations into funding for battered women’s programs. Verizon Wireless also offers significant support to the Center’s research effort and specifically our work on women’s health.

The Verizon Wireless Endowment supports the Center’s work to advance an understanding of the health impacts of violence against women and to improve the health care system that stands ready to respond. The Endowment established the Verizon Wireless Endowed Chair of Study on Violence Against Women.

The Gift of Women’s Empowerment: The Women’s Circle Endowment

Women's Circle Founding Members

The founding members include (from Left to Right) Senator Kathy Stein, Missy Scanlon, Sue Badgett, former First Lady Judi Conway Patton, Ann McBrayer, Alice Sparks, UK First Lady Patsy Todd, Mira Ball, and founding Center director Carol Jordan

It wasn’t the bruise that grew or the bone that snapped, it was what he said. That is what remains...the effects of violence in how I feel and what I fear, not in what you see.

Paraphrased from a rape survivor

The effort to end violence against women began with one sister reaching out to help another, with one woman’s voice being added to another until a global movement was born.  The Women’s Circle Endowment was created as an homage to that movement and to the women who both inspired and created it. The Endowment was founded by women donors who, through their philanthropy, showed what women’s compassion, women’s wisdom, and women’s leadership can accomplish. The Women’s Circle Endowment is comprised of businesswomen, philanthropists, community volunteers and public servants. They are women who come from all walks of life but share a common mission to end violence against women.

The Women’s Circle Endowment supports the Center’s effort to provide a forensic perspective on the experience of women in the justice system. The Endowment funds the Women’s Circle Endowed Chair of Study on Violence Against Women.

A Gift to Future Generations:  The Cralle/Day Endowment

My arms are heavy and my hands swollen from fighting off his violence.  I knew I was afraid when I saw my terror reflected in my child’s eyes.  What she watched that what she now knows of love?

Paraphrased from a battered woman

Joan Day

Historically, children have been the forgotten victims of intimate partner violence, overlooking the nightmare that research estimates impact millions of children in America every year.  A gift from Joan Day and the Cralle Foundation has established the Cralle-Day Children-at-Risk Endowed Chair to help further research in this area.  The Cralle Foundation, based in Louisville, is well known for addressing child abuse issues. Joan Day, president of the foundation, is particularly interested in supporting the inclusion of children in the comprehensive efforts of the Center for Research on Violence Against Women to confront violence.

A national search is underway to fill this endowed chair.

The Gift of Social Justice for Women:  The Judi Conway Patton Chair

I have a dream for our Commonwealth, a dream in which no woman feels the back of a violent hand on her face and no children see the fear of violence in the reflection of their mother’s eyes.

—Judi Conway Patton

Judi Conway Patton

Judi Conway Patton became the First Lady of the Commonwealth in 1995.  As Governor Patton assumed office, it took the First Lady no time at all to determine what she would use her public role to accomplish. She would bring light to the issues of child abuse, intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

On day one of the administration, Mrs. Patton began her work. She was instrumental in recruiting Carol Jordan to the Governor’s Office to staff the effort, forming with her an enduring and successful partnership. Beginning in 1996, she successfully pushed domestic violence legislation, testified on legislation to strengthen the role of victim advocates in courtrooms, created policies for domestic violence prosecutions, expanded training initiatives and other reforms.  In 1998, she pushed legislation to create the Governor’s Office of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Services in statute. During the 2000 Session, she worked to propose a substantial legislative package on domestic violence and rape, including a bill to create the Governor’s Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault which she co-chaired.  She also worked with the Governor to set aside $1 million to upgrade the fifteen facilities in Kentucky which house battered women’s shelters in 1998 and to increase operating funding for rape crisis centers and battered women’s shelters.

The Gift of Women’s Mental Health: The Culton Endowment

Robert and Anna Culton

The Center is committed to studying the mental health effects of violence and how to enhance the recovery of women who face it.  In addition to the Women’s Circle Endowment, a gift from Robert and Anna Culton established an endowed professorship to advance research in this area.  The Robert H. and Anna B. Culton Endowed Professorship was established in July 2008.

A Gift to End Violence Against Girls and Adult Women: Fifth & Pacific Foundation Endowment

In 2003, the Fifth & Pacific Foundation (formerly the Liz Foundation) became one of the earliest significant donors of the Center.  The partnership between the Foundation and the Center has supported efforts to include advocates in research and now to support research through a professorship.  The Fifth & Pacific Foundation Professorship will advance both the mission of the Center and the priorities of the Foundation by addressing teen dating violence. 

The Fifth & Pacific Foundation has long made its presence known by addressing issues critical to women and girls.  Since 1991, Fifth & Pacific Companies have been working to end violence against women.  That commitment has translated into its Love Is Not Abuse program, which provides information and tools that men, women, children, teens, and corporate executives can use to learn more about the issue and find out how they can end this epidemic.  The Company is also a supporter of, a resource to engage, educate and empower youth and young adults to prevent and end abusive relationships.    

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