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The Center’s research effort includes three areas of emphasis:

Contributing to the national research agenda on violence against women

The Center works with other universities, federal agencies which fund research, advocates and other experts in the field to inform and strengthen research which addresses the causes and consequences of violence against women.

Specific activities in this area include coordination of research conferences, scientific meetings and think tanks, and the development of web-based resources

Actively engaging in research and expanding the research capacity at the University of Kentucky

Strengthen the research infrastructure at the University of Kentucky to promote scientific exploration in the violence against women area. The Center funds research projects; offers consultation to faculty in the preparation of research grants; facilitates access to data sets; coordinates research colloquia; and engages in other initiatives to support the research interests of senior and junior investigators at the University of Kentucky.

Conduct research in areas of concentration established by the Center’s staff, faculty, and Advisory Committee

The research agenda of the Center is designed to further an understanding of the extent and impact of violence against women. The Center’s areas of research concentration include:

  • The mental health and health effects of violence against women, and associated interventions;
  • The association between substance use, addictions and violence against women;
  • Risk and protective factors associated with rape, domestic violence, stalking and psychological maltreatment;
  • Offender typology and the clinical management of offenders;
  • The criminal and civil justice system response to violence against women; and
  • Historically underserved populations.

In each of these areas, emphasis is given to research efforts which strengthen the practice of professionals and advocates as they respond to women harmed by violence and abuse, and to initiatives which build a strong collaboration between researchers and practitioners.

Research Resources for Faculty

The links below will provide faculty with general information about research in the area of violence against women. Included are sources for grants, research guides and summaries of key national prevalence studies. More detailed information and data sources are available to CRVAW Faculty Associates in a restricted section on the Center's website.

Research Guides


Faculty Associates of the Center

The Center for Research on Violence Against Women is an interdisciplinary research center administratively positioned under the Vice President for Research. In order to strengthen ties to academic Colleges and to facilitate the ability of faculty in a variety of disciplines to engage in violence against women-related research, the Center has established three-year faculty associate positions. Center Faculty Associates bridge alliances with diverse academic units, provide access to a wealth of additional research expertise, and afford enhanced opportunities for innovative, interdisciplinary collaborations.

In 2010, the Center appointed sixteen Faculty Associates from across five colleges and eleven departments at UK. Benefits of being a Faculty Associate include:

  • Access to a Data Warehouse containing datasets from dozens of studies
  • Access to information about publishing in top Violence Against Women journals
  • Access to consultation for research methodologies related to the field
  • Opportunities to collaborate with Endowed Faculty and other VAW scholars
  • Invitations to participate in Center events, conferences, lecture series, and lunch meeting series
  • Access to the Center's role as liason to assist faculty with linkages to battered women’s shelters, rape crisis centers, criminal justice agencies, and other sites for research activities

Additional resources available to you include information and helpful links to instruments, research guides, literature and teaching resources, funding opportunities, and resources for navigating the research process here at UK.

Instruments, Guides, & Resources

Measuring Intimate Partner Violence Victimization and Perpetration: A Compendium of Assessment Tools

This compendium created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention includes a variety of previously validated self-report instruments for measuring victimization or perpetration of sexual, physical, stalking, or psychological victimization. The guide contains actual scales and instruments, instructions on administering and scoring instruments, and related bibliographic citations.

Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence Victimization Assessment Instruments for Use in Healthcare Settings

Compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this compendium includes several prominent scales or assessment instruments useful for the study or screening of intimate partner violence or sexual violence within healthcare contexts. The guide contains actual scales and instruments, instructions on administering and scoring instruments, and related bibliographic citations.

Researching Violence Against Women: A Practical Guide for Researchers and Activists

This comprehensive research guide created by the World Health Organization contains thirteen chapters on researching violence against women from a global perspective. The chapters cover violence against women terminology and definitions, ethical considerations, quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, sampling, working with advocates and practitioners, and much more. This publication also includes the WHO Violence Against Women Instrument and appendixes on interviewer training and additional VAW-related resources.

MINCAVA Electronic Clearinghouse

The Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse operates this an extensive pool of up-to-date educational resources about all types of violence, including higher education syllabi, published research, funding sources, upcoming training events, individuals or organizations which serve as resources, and searchable databases with over 1000 training manuals, videos and other education resources.

University of Kentucky Research Process

University of Kentucky Research: Proposal Route

This handy guide by the UK Proposal Development Office briefly outlines the start-to-finish process of conducting grant-funded research at UK from initial proposal development to award administration, and helps you determine who to contact for approval and assistance at each step of the way.

UK Proposal Development Office (PDO): Grant Writing Guides & Tips

The mission of the Proposal Development Office (PDO) is to help UK researchers find and secure external funding. This page from PDO provides external links to several high-quality grant writing guides to help researchers develop better proposals.

UK Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA): Proposal Development

All proposals and awards for external funding at UK are officially submitted, negotiated, and administered through the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA). OSPA provides direct support for funding proposals, including this page of helpful information on finding your OSPA contact person, developing your proposed budget, filling out a funding sponsor's paperwork, and submitting your grant proposal.

UK Office of Research Integrity: Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Subjects Research

All research involving human subjects is formally reviewed by the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) which manages the Medical and Nonmedical Institution Review Boards (IRB). Information about mandatory ethical training for researchers, submitting proposed studies to IRB, and other information on ensuring safe, ethical, high-quality research are provided on ORI's website.

UK Office of the Vice President for Research

The Vice President for Research provides support for all research-related activities at UK. These support units include PDO, OSPA, ORI, Federal Relations, multidisciplinary research centers (like CRVAW), and Research Communications & Odyssey (UK's own research magazine).  Make sure to check out the Research Support Guide for internal funding opportunities, fellowships, faculty enrichment funding, and much more.

CRVAW Data Repository

The CRVAW Data Repository hosts both public and private datasets. First, you will find a catalog of publicly available datasets from fields spanning health, criminal law, and social sciences that may be of interest to violence against women researchers. A link is provided to each of those data resources. Second, the CRVAW Repository includes an IRB-approved section of datasets donated to the Center by its Endowed Faculty. Through this portion of the Repository, faculty, students, and staff can browse Center Faculty Dataset descriptions and submit a proposal to collaborate with the Principal Investigator and use these data for grant pilot projects or other research. Click here to access the center data repository.

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