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Preparing the Next Generation

To change the lives of future generations of girls and women, we must also create future generations of scholars, scientists and professionals who will carry on the mission to end violence against women. Part of the Center's mission is to improve the preparation of future professionals at the most formative stage of their careers. Physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, attorneys, and others who come into daily contact with victims and survivors must exit graduate and professional programs prepared to identify violence in the lives of their patients and clients and be knowledgeable about the most effective interventions. Effective graduate education programs must also prepare students for careers in the academic setting as researchers and scholars.

The Center's education effort is focused in two primary ways:

Expanding educational and research opportunities for graduate and professional students

The Center offers research assistantships to graduate students in a wide variety of disciplines. Students assist with Center research projects, particularly those related to the justice system. Research assistants are also hired by the Center's endowed chairs and in those positions are exposed to research on women's health, mental health, forensics, and prevention.

Enhance instruction and curriculum development on violence against women

Historically, universities have offered limited content specific to violence against women, stalking, and sexual assault in the coursework of psychology, psychiatry, social work, legal and other departments.


Invited Lecture Series

2012 Spring Invited Lecture Series

  • With a Little Help from My Friends: Patriarchal Male Peer Support and Woman Abuse in Intimate Relationships (April 19, 2012) by Walter S. DeKeseredy, Professor of Criminology, University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

2011 Fall Invited Lecture Series

  • Sexual Violence Against College Women: Has the Time Come for a Paradigm Shift? (September 8. 2011) by Bonnie Fisher, Ph.D., School of Criminal Justice, Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, University of Cincinnati.
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  • The Intersection of Alcohol Use and Intimate Partner Violence (October 3, 2011) by Greg Stuart, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences, The University of Tennessee Knoxville.
  • From Cotton Fields to Castle Rock: International Efforts to Respond to Domestic Violence as a Human Rights Issue (October 6, 2011) by Cheryl Hanna, J.D., Professor of Law, Vermont Law School.
  • Deciphering the Economics of Violence (November 3, 2011) by Zanita E. Fenton, J.D., School of Law, University of Miami.
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2011 Spring Invited Lecture Series

2010 Invited Lecture Series

2010 Spring Series

  • Spring Series (April 2010)
  • Persevering and Publishing in the Violence Against Women Field (4/7/2010)
    by Claire Renzetti, Ph.D., University of Dayton and Carol E. Jordan, University of Kentucky
  • New Developments in Interventions for Children in Violent Families (4/15/2010)
    by Renee McDonald, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University

2009 Spring Series

  • spring series on children exposed to intimate partner violence
  • Identifying Risk Factors and Evaluating Invervention for Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence (2/26/09)
    by Sandra A. Graham-Bermann, Ph.D., University of Michigan
  • Violence Exposure: Impact on Youth and Families (3/12/09)
    by Gayla Margolin, Ph.D., University of Southern California
  • Children in Partner Violent Homes: Interventions and Virtual Reality (3/26/09)
    by Ernest Jouriles, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University

2008 Invited Lecture Series

2007 Fall Series

  • fall series (FALL 2007)
  • Intimate Partner Violence: Theories and Theoretical Controversies (10/4/07)
    by Amy Holtzworth-Munroe, Ph.D., Indiana University
  • Psychological Abuse: A Concept in Search of Boundaries (10/15/07)
    by Diane R. Follingstad, Ph.D., University of South Carolina
  • An Ecological Model of Sexual Assault Victims' Psychological and Physical Health (11/15/07)
    by Rebecca Campbell, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Center Library

The Center introduces an on-line institutional repository of its publications by the Endowed Faculty. The CRVAW Library is a joint project of the Center and UK Libraries. It provides collections of peer reviewed journal articles, books, and book chapters. Click here for more information.

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