Monique Marrow, PhD


Monique Marrow, PhD is a child clinical psychologist and serves as a training specialist for the Center on Trauma and Children. She has worked for several years in the field of juvenile justice as a clinician, administrator and national consultant.  Dr. Marrow serves on NCTSN’s Steering Committee, Affiliate Advisory Board, Community Violence, Complex Trauma and Justice Consortium Committees.  She is co-chair for the Juvenile Justice Treatment Sub-Committee and recently co-authored a training curriculum with members of this committee entitled “Think Trauma: A Training for Staff in Juvenile Justice and Residential Settings.”  

In addition to her position with CTAC, Dr. Marrow serves as Consortium Investigator for the Center for Trauma Recovery and Juvenile Justice at the University of Connecticut where she writes and disseminates trauma focused interventions for youth, and training for staff who work with youth that are in contact or at risk for contact with the juvenile justice system. Dr. Marrow is actively involved in training and consultation across the country, including as invited instructor for Georgetown University's Center for Juvenile Justice Reform and consultant for the National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice, the Council of State Governments, and the MacArthur Foundation.