What is in a Name, Really?

The Center on Children and Trauma (formerly The Center for the Study of Violence Against Children) is proud to announce our new name, effective September 1, 2011.  It’s all good news!  We are healthy, successful and expanding our scope of work.  Our new name, the Center on Trauma and Children, was selected with care as it is meant to represent our identity and send a message to the systems with which we interact.  Whether we are serving as court-appointed evaluators in Family Court, training a group of healthcare professionals on the emotional effects of pandemic disease, providing intervention to a foster family struggling with their child’s extreme behaviors, or writing a grant to fund the latest research in child trauma, we hope that our name underscores the importance of our work and our unique perspective.

Our focus is on children. Our focus is on identifying the source of the problems they are exhibiting and promoting children’s recovery from traumatic events.  Our focus is on building a scientific base to support the work of other professionals who feel a similar passion for this population.  After all, we know that a name is just a name, but anything we can do to direct the conversation toward the most vulnerable individuals who rarely have a voice in these adult-focused systems, is an important step we are ready to take.

CTAC continues to be dedicated to the enhancement for the health and well-being of children and their families through research, service and dissemination of information about child trauma. Services at the Center will not change and our team of pediatricians, child psychiatrists, social workers, pediatric nurses and psychologists will continue with our high level of commitment to helping traumatized children become healthy and happy.

We remain part of the University of Kentucky and will continue in our mission to promote safety, health and well-being in children exposed to traumatic events using interdisciplinary and translational approaches. We invite you to learn more about our research findings, programs and training opportunities by exploring this website.