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Student Center first floor plan


Student Center Room 100kb Room 100v Room 101 Room 102 Room 102a Room 104 Room 104a Room 104b Room 105 Room 106 Room 106a Room 106a1 Room 106b Room 106c Room 106d Room 106e Room 106f Room 106g Room 106h Room 106i Room 106k Room 106k1 Room 106l Room 106m Room 106n Room 106p Room 107 Room 109 Room 111 Room 113 Room 115 Room 116 Room 117 Room 118 Room 119 Room 120 Room 120a Room 120b Room 120d Room 121 Room 122 Room 123 Room 124 Room 124a Room 124b Room 124b Room 125 Room 126 Room 127 Room 128 Room 128a Room 132 Room 132a Room 132b Room 132c Room 132d Room 132e Room 132f Room 132g Room 132h Room 132j Room 132k Room 132l Room 132m Room 132n Room 132o Room 132q Room 133 Room 134 Room 139a Room 139b Room 145 Room 145a Room 153 Room 154 Room 155 Room 157 Room 159 Room 161 Room 163 Room 163a Room 165 Room 165a