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Kastle Hall basement plan

Up Down

Room 012F Room 024C Room 024 Room 024B Room 006 Room 005 Room 004 Room 008 Room 007 Room 008C Room 008A Room 008B Room 009 Room 009A Room 011S Room 011C Room 011D Room 011 Room 011J Room 011E Room 011F Room 011G Room 011I Room 011H Room 012B Room 012C Room 012G Room 012H Room 012I Room 012D Room 012E Room 012J Room 015 Room 019A Room 001N Room 002 Room 018 Room 019 Room 019 Room 019C Room 020A Room 020 Room 024A Room 023C Room 023B2 Room 023B1 Room 023 Room 023A Room 026 Room 022B Room 022 Room 022A Room 021A Room 021B