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Scovell Hall second floor plan

Up Down

Scovell Hall Room 200 Room 200a Room 200b Room 200c Room 200d Room 200e Room 200f Room 200g Room 201 Room 202 Room 203 Room 203a Room 203b Room 204 Room 205 Room 205a Room 205b Room 205c Room 205d Room 206 Room 206a Room 207 Room 208 Room 208a Room 209 Room 209a Room 209b Room 209c Room 209d Room 209e Room 209f Room 210 Room 211 Room 211a Room 211b Room 212 Room 213 Room 213a Room 213b Room 213c Room 213d Room 214 Room 215 Room 216 Room 217 Room 218 Room 220a Room 220b Room 220c Room 220d Room 220e Room 220f Room 220g Room 220h Room 221 Room 222 Room 223 Room 223a Room 223b Room 223c Room 223d Room 224 Room 231a Room 232 Room 232a Room 232b Room 233 Room 233a Room 233b Room 234 Room 234a Room 235 Room 235a Room 235b Room 236 Room 236a Room 236b Room 237 Room 238 Room 239 Room 240 Room 241 Room 242 Room 242a Room 242b Room 242c Room 242d Room 242e Room 243 Room 244 Room 245 Room 246 Room 246a Room 248 Room 249