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ASTeCC Building basement floor plan

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Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering McVey Hall subbasement CRMS Building Room A001a Room A001b Room A002a Room A002d Room A004 Room A004a Room A004b Room A004c Room A008 Room A008a1 Room A008a Room A011 Room A012 Room A016 Room A020a Room A023 Room A023a Room A002c Room A012a Room A012b Room A020b Room A024 Room A025 Room A027 Room A028 Room A029 Room A031 Room A033a Room A033b Room A033c Room A033d Room A033e Room A033f Room A033g Room A033h Room A033j Room A033k Room A033 Room A035 Room A036 Room A040 Room A041 Room A041a Room A044 Room A044a Room A045 Room A045a Room A047 Room A048 Room A048a Room A050 Room A051 Room A052 Room A053 Room A056 Room A057 Room A057a Room A057b Room A057c Room A060 Room A060b Room A061 Room A061a Room A065 Room A065a Room A065b Room A065c Room A065d Room A072 Room A073