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ASTeCC Building first floor plan

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ASTeCC Building To Civil Engineering Building To McVey Hall basement To McVey Hall basement To Mechanical Engineering Building To CRMS Building Room A101 Room A107 Room A107a Room A107b Room A107c Room A107d Room A107e Room A107f Room A115 Room A119 Room A123 Room A127 Room A129 Room A131 Room A132 Room A133 Room A135 Room A138 Room A139 Room A140 Room A141 Room A141a Room A141b Room A143 Room A144 Room A148 Room A149 Room A151a Room A151b Room A151c Room A151d Room A152 Room A153 Room A153a Room A157 Room A159 Room A161 Room A163 Room A164 Room A165 Room A166 Room A168 Room A169 Room A169a Room A170 Room A172 Room A173 Room A174